How to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically: Tech Assistance Quickly

How to stop Skype from starting automatically is a common query among Skype users. Most of the time it is seen that Windows tends to launch Skype as soon as the computer starts up automatically. Moreover, it is too much irritating when suddenly a bunch of programs gets on the computer screen just opening the Windows.

However, stopping Skype from appearing on the screen is much easy. One can easily remove the problem by using three primary methods or processes. Although the methods differ as per users problem. So try the fixes, if you are facing any problem avail assistance from our Microsoft Support team.

How to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically|Quick Fixes

As mentioned above, there are basically three steps that can help to resolve the Skype issue completely. The efficient fixes for the Skype notification are quite comfortable and easy. Mostly, re-logging into the Skype account fixes the problem with ease.

Solution 1: Disable the Automatically start Skype option within the program

Before starting with the process, ensure that the Windows is not getting permission to start Skype automatically while the OS boots up. Try and follow these steps to disable it.

Firstly login and launch the Skype. Open the Options menu which is present next to the display image at the top. Now open the Application settings and find out the option which says Automatically start Skype and disable it. Close the Skype and restart the computer. Now check whether the Windows is starting Skype automatically or not. You can also use the shortcut folder for performing the same.

Solution 2: Remove Skype from your computer’s startup items

How to stop Skype from starting automatically is the main deal behind every application and programs that launch automatically. In order to solve such issue, one needs to remove the application from the computer’s startup menu. If you have a different operating system then follow the steps given below.

If you have an operating system of Windows 8 or above, then open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete. Now on the task manager navigate the startup tab. In the list of your computer startup item locate the entry of the Skype and disable it by right-clicking on it. Now again restart the computer and check whether the object is complete.

If you have an operating system with Windows 7 or older, then press the Windows logo key and R to open the run dialogue. Now open the dialogue box and type msconfig. Press the Enter button to launch the System Configuration utility. Now in the System Configuration utility, navigate the Startup tab. Disable the Skype by unchecking the checkbox directly. Apply the new settings and click OK. In the resulting dialogue box click the Restart option. Now find out whether the problem is eradicated entirely.

Solution 3: Use the Registry Editor to make sure Windows doesn’t launch Skype at startup

If none of the above steps serves your purpose, then do not fear as you can still eliminate the issue automatically. For this to happen, use the Registry Editor to make sure that the Windows do not launch Skype at the time of startup.

So, for this open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows Logo key + R. By typing regedit, you will find that Registry Editor option opens. Now get on the process by navigating the Registry Editor. Now, Open the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE> SOFTWARE> MICROSOFT> WINDOWS> CURRENT VERSION. Click on the Run key to display the contents. Restart the computer by closing the Registry Editor. Again check whether the problem persists.

Are you still searching for ways regarding how to stop Skype from starting automatically? Don’t delay. Follow the guidelines as suggested by tech sufficient experts and get instant relief from the technical glitches.

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