How To Solve Outlook Sign In Error: Get Expert Assistance

Outlook is the most reliable email application and it is widely used for many purposes. With the help of Outlook, you can get several ways to secure your mail. However, although it is the most used email software system, yet it may have several problems. Here in this article, we have listed the probable ways to solve Outlook Sign In error. So go through the whole section and solve the issue on your own.

Probable Reasons For Outlook Sign In Error

There are lots of causes for this error. Have a look at some of the probable reasons.

  • Low or bad internet connection.
  • Wrong or invalid username or password.
  • Browser related issue.
  • Improper server address
  • Security issues.

Methods To Solve Outlook Sign In Error

To solve the Outlook Sign In error, follow the steps mentioned below.

Trick 1. Check your internet connection

Ensure a proper internet connection. Poor connection restricts the sign in process and thus shows error. Avoid using any routers which are connected with multiple accounts. Also, confirm that you have a strong internet connection. Once the server starts working fine, you will automatically get rid of the error notification “can’t sign into outlook problem.”

Trick 2. Give A Valid Username And Password

Sometimes, Outlook does not permit users to sign in to their email account, if they type the wrong username or password in their mail account. An error message “Enter a valid email address, phone number or skype name” will pop up instead of granting you login access.

In case, you forget the password then reset it.

  • At first, go to the Outlook reset password page.
  • Then, select give the reason for resetting your password and choose the Next option.
  • Enter the account email address which you are trying to recover.
  • Now, give a new password of your own choice and select Next.

Hopefully, you will be able to log in to the page successfully.

Trick 3. Use proper server

If you are using your email address with the help of any third party software then you may face the Outlook Sign In error. So you have to make sure that you are typing the right email address and password for your email account.

Also, verify the server encryption type. Sometimes, the software requires an SSL encryption, while users want TLS encryption for their Outlook account.

Trick 4. Keep your password secure from spammers

In case, the Outlook server notices any kind of unusual activity or spamming activity from your account, it can block your account for a few days. Normally, this occurs when you are striving to log in with an unrecognized browser or IP address.

Additional Tips To Remember

Some tips that you should keep in mind while you opt for Outlook Email Sign In.

  • Turn off the Caps lock.
  • Proper spelling of your email address
  • To keep your Outlook account activate you must sign in once in a year. Otherwise, your account will be disabled or blocked.
  • Turn off the automatic sign-in option.

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