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How To Show File Extensions Windows 10: Get Best-In-Class Support From Reliable Technicians

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system. It contains several features like Cortana, the Windows app store which makes it popular nowadays. However, being a popular one it is not free from technical glitches as well as it is not so much user-friendly. Users get confused while using it. Sometimes they even don’t know how to show file extensions windows 10. If you are one of them with the same issue then don’t worry. Try to follow this article to perform that action. At first, you have to know what is file extension and why it is helpful.

Know More What Is File Extension And It’s Importance

File Extension– In Microsoft, you can perform various actions in one OS, so it is important to divide the files as per the extensions. The file extension is an extension which helps the OS as well as the users about the type of the file. For instance- Audio files have .mp3, .wav, .wma extensions, Word files have .docx extension, Excel have .xls,.xlsb,.xlsm,.xlsx etc. This extension helps the OS to open the file using the Windows file manager.

In addition, we can say that file extension takes an important role to identify the file type. It also helps the user to manage the files.

As you gather some important information related to your issue then try to focus on the solutions part immediately which will help you to resolve your issue instantly.

How To  Show File Extensions Windows 10  On Your Own|Easy Hacks

There is more than one reason available to show the file extensions. Technicians have provided relevant methods to show file extensions windows 10. Try to follow all of them don’t skip anyone. To know more, you can also contact experts any time.

Method 1: From The Control Panel

You can notice the file extensions via the Windows Control Panel. This will appear like “FileName. Extension” protocol. To know the file extension go to the Control Panel and click on the  Folder Options or File Explorer Option. After that go to the advanced settings where you can find the checkbox named Hide extensions for known file types. Uncheck that checkbox and your job will be done. You will be able to know the file extensions. If you can’t perform this action then try another method given below.

Method 2: From The Windows File Explorer

You can also check file extensions from Windows file explorer to perform. Press the Windows key and E key simultaneously. It will open the file explorer after that go to the “View” tab from the corner. After that find the option ”  File extensions “. After this process, your work will be done. If not then you can contact experts for further help and support to get best-in-class assistance round the clock.

Hope you have done with the troubleshooting process. If not or if you are a tech-savvy person who wants to show file extensions windows 10, with the help of experts then you can contact the Microsoft support team for further help. Here, technicians are available round the clock to give you further support.

Contact Reliable Technicians To Fix Windows Issues Quickly

If you are not tech savvy, you should try to contact reliable technicians for further help and support to show file extensions windows 10. They are available round the clock at your assistance. Technicians are available through three communication methods at your service. You can call us, mail us or can avail of the live chat facility as well.

Call Service:

You can dial Windows Support Number +1-855-334-7340 to get on-call support instantly.

Mail Service:

If you can’t place a call right now then you can send an email addressing your issue at Windows Help And Support Desk any time. Our official email id is

Chat Support:

You can send a service request via the Windows Support Chat Portal while you are facing any network congestion while placing a call to us. Experts will get back to you instantly.

If you are thinking about the budget then don’t think too much, experts will help you with remote support at an affordable rate with high accuracy.

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