[Resolved] WindowsUpdate_80070103: Easy Fixes

While attempting to install the Windows updates, users often encounter an unexpected error notification WindowsUpdate_80070103 that appears on the screen. This error is quite annoying amongst the Windows 10 users. When this error appears, users are not able to install any pending updates as the update process pauses on a certain point. 

If you are currently confronting the same situation, then you may look for the reliable hacks to overcome the error. In this post, you will come across the causes and fixes to resolve this Windows Update issue. 

Hence, no need to worry as you can easily deal with this situation by applying these hacks. So, go through this informative content thoroughly and try to resolve the error on your own.

Factors that can Lead to the WindowsUpdate_80070103 Error

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting section, you must determine the major factors that are responsible for the occurrence of the Windows update error. Therefore, check out this section, as it completely focuses on the significant causes of the Windows Update error 80070103. 

  • Usually, Windows update error 80070103 appears due to the improper installation of the driver software. Often, users come across this error when they try to update the device drivers.
  • Besides, this error can also appear due to certain compatibility issues between software and device hardware. 
  • Some users face this error while using an outdated or backdated version of the Windows OS.
  • Apart from these, corrupted system files or certain changes in the Windows registry can also lead to the Windows Update error. 
  • Moreover, WindowsUpdate_80070103 can also occur due to either a proxy or internal conflict issue. 

These are the most common factors that are responsible for the Windows Update error. Now, let’s move towards the next section where you will get various troubleshooting measures to resolve the error as soon as possible.

Best Possible Ways to Fix Windowsupdate_80070103

Whenever you encounter this particular Windows Update error, you must seek the proper guide to get rid of this error. Here, in this section, we are going to provide some significant fixes that are proven to work. So, you can try out these fixes one by one and attempt to mitigate the error in no time.

1. Update Device Drivers

To prevent the Windows Update error, you must update the device driver. But, before that, you should determine which drivers are causing this problem. Most of the time, such kind of Windows Update error occurs due to the outdated or faulty device drivers.

Steps to Figure Out the Faulty or Defective Device Driver

  • Invoke the Start menu by tapping on the Start icon. Then, write “Windows Update” into the search field.
  • As soon as you perform this instruction, you will find the Windows Update at the top of the search results. Now, right-click on it and choose “View Update History” from the appeared menu.
  • Now, a list will appear on the screen that contains all the successful and unsuccessful updates.
  • From the list, you can easily determine which device drivers are causing the Windows Update error. 

Once you figure out the outdated or faulty drivers, now it’s time to update them to resolve the Windows glitch.

Steps to Update the Device Drivers

  • Press the combination of the Windows logo + R key. This will invoke the Run window. Here, in the Run dialog box, you need to enter “devmgmt.msc” and hit the Enter key to run the command.
  • This will initiate the Device Manager window. Once the next window opens, choose and right-click on the faulty or outdated device drivers one by one. Hit the Update button from the resultant menu.
  • Now, choose “Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software Option” and follow the on-screen guideline to update the faulty or corrupted device drivers.  

Reboot your device when the process is over. This will apply the new changes you just made.

2. Hide Specific Update

After updating the device driver, if the error still appears, then you should hide the update. This might help you to eliminate the Windows Update error. 

To try this solution, initiate the Windows Update window by following the above method. Once the Windows Update opens, click on “Check for Updates” from the resultant menu and go to the “Optional Updates Are Available” section. 

In this section, you will find the “Select the updates you want to install” option. Now, click on it and those updates you require to hide.  After choosing these updates, hit the ‘Hide Update” button from the context menu and apply the new changes by tapping on the OK button twice. 

Reboot your device to let the new changes take effect. Once your device restarts, Windows will be prompted to install other important drivers. Under such situations, it is quite necessary to re-enable this “Hide Update” option later when the issue has been removed.

3. Try to Rename SoftwareDistribution Folder

In this procedure, we suggest renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder. A majority of users claim that after renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder, this Windows Update error gets mitigated from their device. So, you can also give it a try. Therefore, you can follow the underlying steps to perform this task.

Step 1:

Invoke the Run window by following the above steps. Once the Run window invokes, write “cmd” into it and hit the Enter key to execute the command. After executing this command, the Command Prompt option appears on the top search result.

Step 2: 

Now, from the result-oriented result list, right-click on the top search result and choose the “Run as Administrator” from the queue window. It will launch the Command Prompt with Administrator rights.

Step 3: 

Once the Command Prompt window opens in Admin Mode, enter the following commands in their respective manner. Also, do not forget to hit the Enter key after each command. 

“net stop wuauserv”, “net stop cryptSvc”, “net stop bits”, “net stop msiserver”

Once you perform all the above-discussed commands successfully, execute the following commands into the same Command Prompt window. It is to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder.

  • ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old 

After renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder, run the following commands to proceed further. “net start wuauserv”, “net start cryptSvc”, “net start bits”, “net start msiserver”. Keep in mind, you need to hit the Enter key after each command. 

In this way, you can easily rename the SoftwareDistribution folder. After performing the process,  reboot the device to apply the new changes in it.

4. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

After renaming the SoftwareDistribution, if the WindowsUpdate_80070103 error persists, try this fix. Hence, attempt to run the Windows Update troubleshooter, which is a built-in utility designed to detect the internal bugs and glitches while running a Windows update. 

To run the Windows Update Troubleshooter, follow the unmentioned steps.

  • Open the Run window and write “control” into the dialog box. Hit the Enter key to run the command.
  • When the Control Panel window opens, use the search field in the Control Panel to enter “Troubleshoot”.
  • From the result-oriented window, choose the “Troubleshoot” option that prompts you to go to the Windows Update section.
  • Now, tap on the “Run the Troubleshooter” option from the appeared menu. Follow further guidelines to complete the process. 

When the process is over, reboot your device and save the new changes on your device.

Sum it Up:

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you to get rid of the WindowsUpdate_80070103 error. But, if face any kind of difficulties while executing the methods, never hesitate to describe your problems with us. 

Also, free-free to write up any new ideas in the comment section that you have discovered while executing the methods. We will also try to provide you with more effective tips to resolve the Windows update error.