How To Repair Internet Explorer In Windows : Easy Troubleshooting Steps

If you encounter a problem when you are using Windows Internet Explorer, you may try to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer to fix the problem. Although this may sound intimidating, this article offers the most effective, trouble-free methods to perform this task. The primary issue that users are facing with Explorer 11 is when it gets corrupted while using it on your device. Sometimes Windows Internet Explorer gets affected due to graphics related issues.

Smart Ways To Repair Internet Explorer

Before you reinstall or repair Internet Explorer, you must be logged into Windows as an administrator.

Step 1: Software Rendering

At first, click on the Windows Start menu and type Internet Explorer on the search box option or you can select it directly from your Windows main screen.

On the Internet Explorer window select the Tools option which is located in the upper side of the tab. Now you can see Internet Options icon on the Tools window. Click on the Advanced option from the previous tab. After that click on the Setting option and tick a check mark next to “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” which you can find in the “Acceleration graphics” topic. Go to the Internet Properties Tab and Select Ok. Check the Internet Explorer to verify the status of the problem.

If this step fixed your issue, then you need to update your graphics driver.

Step 2: Check Your Add-Ons

Hit the ‘Windows key + R’ key together from the keyboard.

Now the Run dialog will pop-up on the main screen of the device.

Type ‘iexplore.exe-extoff’ on the Run dialog and press the Enter key. After this process, the Internet Explorer runs without the other add-ons applications.

If your problem gets fixed in this step then add-ons may be the cause for the problem.

Step 3: Reset Internet Explorer

Go to the Windows Explorer and close all the currently open windows.

Click on the Tool button. Now you can see a new tab on the screen where you need to select the Internet Options. Select the Advanced tab from the previous window and click on the Reset option. Simultaneously you need to click on the Reset option from the Reset Internet Explorer option. The overall process will take a few minutes to complete the system. When the process has already finished, click on the OK option to close the tab.

Step 4: Update Windows Internet Explorer

Go to the Windows Start icon and search for Internet Explorer. Select Windows Explorer from the list. Now you can see a gear icon in the top right side of the Windows screen. On the next tab click on the ‘About option’ of the Internet Explorer. Now click on the Next option and then select the ‘Install’ option. This click will install the latest version automatically.

After completing all the process, you can close the window.

Step 5: IE for Windows XP and Vista

If you still have the Internet Explorer 11, then it is required to download the latest version of the Windows Explorer. If the update is not running on your device, then you need to repair internet explorer 11.

Follow the steps given below:

Go to the Windows Start menu and open the Run dialog. On the Run dialog section type, sfc/scannow and press Enter key or click on the OK. Now follow the instructions which you can see in the File Checker Process. After complete the process, Restart your device.

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