How To Remove Dropbox From Mac: Stepwise Guidance

Dropbox is a modern workspace or storage that allows the users to utilize it in offline as well as online mode. One can easily work with all kinds of data like documents, pictures, videos through Dropbox by sharing and transferring them from one device to another. If enables users to access data online by availing its Cloud Storage facility.

But, with each passing day, digitization is getting more innovative and many advanced cloud storage services come up in the market. Some choose to opt-out of this type of storage and want to use offline storage instead. In this situation, users need to uninstall the Dropbox from their Mac or any other OS.

If you are in this article, that means you are an Apple laptop user and you are not aware of how to remove Dropbox from Mac. Don’t worry, as we are here to make you familiar with the ways, with which you can easily remove Dropbox from Mac.

Some Effective Ways to Remove Dropbox from Mac

There are a couple of ways by which you can remove the Dropbox from Mac OS. But, these ways are mainly categorized into two methods. The first one is to remove it manually by deleting the files, folders and then deleting the residual files from the system. Secondly, you can remove Dropbox from Mac by using a third party application. We hope you will get the answer to the question “How to remove Dropbox from Mac?” after reading this article carefully.

Manual Approach to Remove Dropbox

We have just mentioned that, in the manual process, we first delete the files and folders of the software. Then, you can remove the Contextual Menu and Application settings. So let’s start with them one by one.

Uninstalling Dropbox from Mac and Delete the Files

The first and foremost thing while uninstalling the program is to unlink the Dropbox account from the Mac OS. So that no more files would be synchronized further. To do so, navigate “Dropbox > Gear icon > Preferences > Account tab” and then click on “Unlink This Dropbox…” 

The next step is to close the Dropbox app and for this, you need to click on the gear icon. You will see the “Quit Dropbox” option on the list. So, hit that option to close the application.

Note: if the dropbox is stuck or frozen, then you can forcibly close the app from the “Activity Monitor” option under the “Utilities” tab.

After that, drag the Dropbox app from the application folder to Trash. Also, delete the same in the Trash folder.

But, this is not the end of the process. Hence, look for the Dropbox folder in the Mac and right-click on that to move the folder to the trash. You can still access the files by logging into the Dropbox account.

Remove Dropbox Contextual Menu

In order to remove the contextual menu from the Dropbox, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to Finder. Click on “Go”.
  • Choose “Go to Folder…” option.
  • Type “/Library” and click on “Go”.
  • In the Library folder, search for the “DropboxHelperTools” folder and delete the same.

Remove Dropbox Application Settings

Even after you complete the above process, there could be some app files such as log files, caches, preferences, etc. The below-mentioned instructions will let you delete those files.

  • Hold “Shift + Cmd + G” to open “Go to the folder”.
  • Type “~/.dropbox” in the provided space and click on “Go”.
  • Select all the files and folders and delete them to complete the process.

This is how you can remove Dropbox from your Mac completely. You can also try the next part/method for the removal process.

How to Remove Dropbox from Mac Using a Software?

If you feel that the above-mentioned method is a little bit complex, you can try using an uninstaller. You just need to install an uninstaller that will easily and quickly delete Dropbox without any trouble.

There are certain uninstaller tools available online, which not only removes the Dropbox from the system but, also deletes all the residual files in that application. You just need to find the right uninstaller and download it after reading the reviews by the users on Google.

The above article is all about how to remove Dropbox from Mac and hopefully, we gave the necessary solutions to fix this problem.