Learn How to Import Contacts Into Outlook

Outlook 2016 is a user-friendly mail server to manage your emails. If you want to operate the Outlook 2016 from another mail server, then you have to import contacts into Outlook.

However, if you don’t know how to import contacts into Outlook, then you might take help from the detailed information provided here.

Here is How to Import Contacts into Outlook 2016:

Have a look at the undermentioned section in order to resolve your all queries.

Step 1

First, move to the top of the menu bar and click on the File button. Within the File menu, select Open & Export and furthermore move to the Import/ Export.

Now, the Import/ Export will open and ask you how you want to import. However, if you wish to import a CSV file, you have to navigate to the ‘Import from another program or file’.

Step 2

After that, choose the ‘Command Separated Value’ and tap on Next. Now, the system will ask you to locate the CSV file on your device. So, ensure that it should be placed in an easy to locate place.

Step 3

Now the system will ask about the importing duplicates. For that, go to the Import a File box, and browse to the Contact file. Afterward, double-click on it to select.

Now to specify how you want Outlook to handle duplicate contacts, you need to choose any of the following:

  1. You have to choose to Replace duplicates with items imported option if the contact info in the contact file is more complex than the info contact in Outlook. 
  2. In case, contact is already in the Outlook and the contact files, then the Outlook generates duplicate contacts. One is created with the original Outlook info and the other is generated with the info imported from the contact files. In such a condition, you should select ‘Allow duplicates to be created’ option.

Tap on Next to proceed further.

Step 4

Now proceed to the Select a destination folder box. Under this part, navigate to the top and click on the Contacts folder. 

Thereafter, click on Next. In case, you use multiple email accounts, then go to the Email account and select the Contact folder that you want to be associated with the contacts. Then, tap on Finish.

Immediately, Outlook will start to import the Contacts. When the Import progress box close, you will know the importing process is finished. To view the contacts list, move to the bottom of the Outlook and click on the People icon. 

If you wish, you can automatically add information to the contacts such as picture, job description, company, and many more.

That’s all. Hope if you thoroughly apply these steps, then you will successfully able to import contacts into Outlook.