Learn How To Forward Outlook To Gmail Account

Nowadays, users have multiple email accounts to maintain both professional and personal lives smoothly. However, it isn’t always easy to manage different email accounts and use them simultaneously.

Thankfully, there are ways by which you can monitor multiple email accounts through a single application. For that, you need to forward all the mails and other services from one account to another. 

Now, if you have two separate email accounts and wondering how to forward Outlook to Gmail, worry no more. In this article, we’ll give a detailed guide to help you export everything from your Outlook account to Gmail. 

Things You Need While Forwarding Outlook to Gmail 

Moving all your emails, contacts, and other services from Outlook to Gmail isn’t a challenging task. However, you need to perform some simple steps to carry out this transfer. Thankfully, both Outlook and Gmail are equipped with some features that make this work smooth and hassle-free. Here, we’ll provide you a step-by-guide on how to forward Outlook to Gmail.

You need to transfer three components from Outlook to complete the entire process of migration. These three components are Outlook emails, contacts and the calendar.  You need to migrate each of these components individually.

How to Transfer Emails from Outlook to Gmail?

The most important component of any mail account is the mails present in it. At first, we’ll deal with transferring emails from Outlook to Gmail. Now, the process of forwarding mails from Outlook depends on what you’re using to access Outlook. You can be using Outlook.com or the desktop Outlook application.

Moving Mails From Outlook.com

If you operate Outlook profile through Outlook.com then follow these steps to migrate the mails:

  1. First, go into your Outlook account and click on the ‘Settings’ icon. Now, choose ‘Options and from the list select ‘Mail’.
  2. Thereafter, tap on the ‘Accounts’ option and then choose ‘Forwarding’. To proceed from here, you’ll have to verify the account.
  3. After this, click on the ‘Start forwarding’ option. Thereafter, enter the Gmail address where you wish to migrate your mails.
  4. Finally, choose the ‘Save’ option to begin the process of forwarding.

Moving Mails Through Desktop Application

The process of transferring emails from the Outlook desktop version is different. You need to go through these instructions for the successful migration of mails of emails to another account:

Step 1

After launching the Outlook application, click on the ‘File’ option. Now, from the ‘Info’ tab, select ‘Manage Rules and Alerts’ option. A new window will appear. Here, tap on the ‘New Rule’ option followed by ‘Apply rules on messages I receive’. Then, click on ‘Next’. Since you want to forward all emails, keep all the check-boxes unchecked and tap on the ‘Next’ option.

Step 2

From the ‘Actions’ list, click on ‘Forward it to people or public group’. Thereafter, put your Gmail address in the ‘People or public group’ section. Click on the ‘Next’ option. Add a particular name for the rule and click on the check-box next to ‘Turn on this rule’.

Hopefully, now you are aware of how to forward Outlook to Gmail and transfer your emails. But, to move other content like contacts and existing mails, follow the next section. 

How to Forward Contacts and Existing Mails from Outlook to Gmail?

With the above steps, you can forward all new incoming emails from Outlook to Gmail. However, you also need to transfer the emails already lying in your inbox. Moreover, you need to forward all the email contacts.  

Move Existing Mails and Contacts by Outlook.com

To transfer all existing emails and contacts, you can use Google’s import tool. To use this tool effectively, you need to follow these instructions carefully:

  1. First, open your Gmail account. Tap on the gear icon located on the left side of the screen. Click on the ‘Settings’ option and choose ‘Accounts and Imports’. 
  2. Find the ‘Import mails and contact’ on this window and click on it.
  3. In the new window, type the Outlook email address. A long list of permissions will appear on the screen. Click on the ‘Yes’ option to grant the necessary permission.
  4. Finally, from the ‘Import Options’, click the boxes next to ‘Import mails’ and ‘Import Contacts’. 

This process can take some time depending on the bulk of emails you have to transfer. 

Forward Existing Mails and Contacts by Outlook Desktop

To transfer existing emails from Outlook desktop mail, you can follow the above steps. However, for transferring the contacts, you need to go through these instructions:

  1. Go to Gmail and click on the app-switcher. You’ll find this in the top right-hand corner. This will open ‘Google Contacts’. 
  2. Click on the ‘More’ section and expand it.  Choose the ‘Import’ option and put the provider’s email address. Now, sign in with the details. 

This will enable you to successfully import your email contacts from your Outlook to Gmail account.


To sum up, combining multiple email accounts can considerably reduce your stress and workload. It will also save a lot of your time and energy. Therefore, you must consider transferring or forwarding the content from one mail account to another. 

So, if you’re wondering how to forward Outlook to Gmail, you can follow our article. The detailed guideline that we’ve presented here will answer all queries about forwarding emails, contacts, and other content. 

We hope that our article will prove to be helpful to you. Do provide any suggestions or feedback about this article in the comment section.