How To Fix Verizon Error Code 9004 [4 Quick and Easy Solutions]

Verizon error code 9004 is mainly a voicemail error. Once the error gets triggered, you will get error messages like, “Can’t connect to your Voice Mailbox” or “Sorry, we’re having trouble connecting to your voice mailbox”. 

The voicemail will stop working and prevent you from accessing the application. We all what importance a voicemail application holds nowadays. And an interrupted wireless connection can be very annoying at times. 

We would recommend you to remove the Verizon error code 9004 from your device, as soon as possible. You can get rid of such an error by just following the below-mentioned methods.

Reasons Behind “Verizon Error Code 9004” Error

Here are some basic reasons why such an error message might appear.

  • You will face this problem if the registry files are corrupted.
  • If the system is not updated, you might encounter this error.
  • When your Wi-Fi or internet connection is not functioning properly.
  • Due to the problem in the network driver and hardware, this problem might appear.  

These are some common reasons behind the occurrence of Verizon Error Code 9004. The next section will guide you with the possible solutions to fix your error particular problem.

Possible Solution: Fixed Verizon Error Code 9004

If you are facing this problem in your Verizon network, then here are the best solutions that will rectify your all glitches.

Solution 1: Change the Path of Application Data within Registry

Follow these below-mentioned steps and change the path of the application data within the registry. 

  • At first, right-click on the Start menu, then write “Run” in the search box and hit the Enter button next. A Run dialog box will open next. 
  • In the Run dialog box, write “regedit.exe” and tap on the Enter key, the “Registry Editor” display box will open.
  • In the Registry Editor window, you will find a folder named “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”. Expand the folder and you will get a “Software” folder. 
  • Click on the Software folder and enlarge it with the drop-down arrow and choose the subfolder “Window” from it.
  • Then, click on the subfolder again and select the “Current Version” and expand it. 
  • After that enlarge the list of folders, select the extended list of folders and then select the folder named “Explorer” and expand it.
  • In the Explorer folder, you will find different folders. Out of those select the “User Shell Folder” and then double click on “Key Data”.
  • Next, you will get an ‘Edit String’ folder. In that, you have to change the default path under the “Value Data” column.
  • Now, tap on the OK Button for rebooting your machine.
  • And lastly, when the device starts, reboot and check if you are still getting the error or not. 

Solution 2: Update the Windows Operating System

If you want to repair the Verizon Error Code 9004, you have to first update the Windows Operating System. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First click on the Start option in the taskbar, after that click on the “Gear” option to open the Windows setting.
  • In that window, you will find an “Update and Security” option. And after selecting that you will find a new window named “Windows Update”.
  • In that window, you will find a “Check for Update” option and if you want to update the Windows system, tap on this button. If any kind of update is available then it will start downloading automatically.
  • Once the download gets accomplished, select the Install button. 

When done, simply restart your device and check whether the problem gets rectified or not. 

Solution 3: Use a Reliable Software 

Using a reliable software for detecting any malicious software can resolve the error code and for that, you have to go through the following steps:

  • First, open any web browser, then search for any reliable software in the search bar and opt for the most reliable software.
  • After that, download the chosen software and install it on the device. When the installation is done, then click on the “Scan” button. 
  • This button is mainly for scanning the corrupted or missing files. If any corrupted files are found on the time of scanning, it will be shown in a list. 
  • Next, you have to tap on the “Repair All” Button to fix the existing corrupted files in a Windows System. This process might take some time.
  • When the process gets accomplished, restart your device.

Solution 4: Update the Wireless Driver

Updating the wireless driver is another possible way to repair the Verizon Error Code 9004. Here are some easy steps that will guide you to fix the error.

  • First, click the Start menu. After that, select the “Search” text option and click on it. Within that type “Device Manager” and then select the first option of your searched result.
  • In that window, you will find the “Network Adapters” category, then a sub-list will open. Within that sub-options, double click on the “Wireless Adapter”.
  • When you click on the Wireless Adapter, it will open the “Properties”. 
  • Select the “Driver” option within the properties window and then click on the “ Update Driver” button in it.
  • And then you will find the “Search automatically for Updated Driver” option, select it and click on the “Update” option. Now, you have to wait until the update process gets complete.

These are the easiest hack that can instantly repair the Verizon Error Code 9004, you have to follow these simple steps. And if you still face the same problem, then state your queries through the comment section below.