How To Fix: System Error 5 Has Occurred [Solved]

Many users raise concerns that system error 5 has occurred while accessing the Command Prompt. The error code in question essentially surfaces while you try running certain commands within the Command Prompt Window. 

Now, basically, most users launch the Command Promot by means of simply pressing the Command Prompt option from the Start Icon. 

While this is one of the simplest ways of accessing the Command prompt, you start facing the problem when you try to run certain commands without acquiring the Administrative Privileges. Precisely, that’s when you encounter “system error 5 has occurred windows 10”  issue. 

The problem is quite easily fixable. And, in this article, we shall discuss how to fix the glitch by means of some simple and effective solutions. 

What is this “System error 5 has occurred On Windows 10”?

 As discussed above, sometimes, while launching the Command Prompt users run into the unexpected error message stating “system error 5 has occurred access is denied”. Now, you must be wondering why this happens? 

Essentially speaking, the error message precipitates when you open the Command Prompt without the Administrative Privileges.

Thus, in order to initialize the Command Prompt with the Administrative Privileges, you need to perform some additional steps while launching the Command Prompt. 

How To Fix “System Error 5 Has occurred access is denied” Error 

Combating the system error 5 has occurred issue is no big deal. However, in case you don’t know what to do, follow the guidelines as stated below. 

Step 1 

One of the easiest means to launch the Command Prompt as Administrator is to avail the Search Bar. On opening the Search Bar you need to write “Command Prompt” within the Search Dialog box. Right-click on the option when it appears on the Result section. Once done, select the option that says “Run as Administrator” so that it runs with the Administrative Privileges. 

Step 2

The moment you choose the “Run as administrator” option, you will find the User Account Command Prompt popping up. It would seek permission as to whether you would allow Prompt to make any changes to your PC. All you are to do is click on the Yes button. Once done, you shall be able to perform all the commands. 

Thus, on successfully executing the entire process, you should no longer run into the “system error 5 has occurred” issue.

Bypass System Error 5 by Launching Command Prompt via File Explorer 

In case, the issue persists further, you can try an alternative measure. Many users have reported that launching the Command Prompt via File Explorer has resolved the glitch. To do so, go through the steps properly.  

At first, you will have to launch the File Explorer. Thereafter, navigate to the Local Disc (C:). Once within the Local Disc, move over to Windows as well as “System32”. Within this folder, you must search out for the “cmd.exe” Application. On Locating the Application, you have to right-click upon it. Then, select the option that says “ Run as administrator”.

Try Launching the Command Prompt by through the Task Manager 

Another feasible alternative solution is to initialize the Command Prompt by means of Task Manager. For this, you simply need to launch the Task Manager. You can do so, by typing in “Task Manager” within the Search Dialog box. Once launched, press the File Option and select “Run new task” from the drop-down menu bar. 

When clicked, the Create New Task window is going to pop up. The moment it pops up, feed in the Command “cmd” within the dialog box. Following this, check the box against the option named  “Create this task with administrative privileges”. Finally, press the OK button. The moment you do this, the Elevated Command Prompt will get launched.

Thus, on the successful execution of all the procedures mentioned above, you shall be able to fix the glitch in no time.