How to Resolve Steam Connection Error on Windows 10

If you are a Steam user, you must be familiar with the problem associated with the connection error. It usually appears with an error message “Could not connect to the Steam network”.  

Users are more likely to face it while logging into their Steam account. They complain that despite a working and stable Internet connection, Steam client can’t register often. Thereby, resulting in the Steam connection error.

So, let’s discuss a few effective methods by which you can fix this connectivity problem without any difficulty. 

How to Fix Steam Connection Error on Windows 10?

Getting the Steam connection error while having the Internet is a common complaint from the majority of users lately. Therefore, we have provided you 7 solutions to fix this problem easily.

Solution 1: Troubleshoot Internet connection

Whenever you come across the Steam connection issue,  make sure to check your network connection. It is important to check if the computer can connect to the Internet or not.

Also, examine whether the hardware components like network adapter, router modem, and other networking devices are functioning correctly. Troubleshooting the Internet connection has resolved this Steam connection error for many users. 

Solution 2: Reinstall your Steam Client 

Faulty or corrupted files can also lead to this connection error in Steam. Thus, uninstall the program and reinstall it to resolve the issue. 

  • First, try to remember whether you have utilized Steam client to download games as well as other applications. If yes, then you need to back them up. After that, navigate to the location where Steam was installed.
  • Spot a folder called SteamApps. Now, move the folder with entire content to safe storage like an external hard drive. 
  • Press Windows key and R for launching the Run dialog box. After doing so, type control and press the enter button. Click on “Program and features” on the Control Panel window.
  • After doing so, you will get a list of programs. So, right-click “Steam” and click the “Uninstall” button.
  • Now, download the latest client installer from the Steam and install it. Finally, transfer the backed up SteamApps folder to the Steam’s directory and launch the client. 

Check whether this resolved the error or not. If not, then follow the solution mentioned after this.  

Solution 3: Give Router a Manual Restart

A wrong router configuration or changes in its settings can also cause this connection error.

To get rid of it, restart the router and check whether it resolves the issue or not. If it did not work, try resetting the router.

To apply this fix, search for the Reset button at the back of the router. In such cases, use a thin pin-like substance to press the reset button. After resetting the router, connect it to your system again. 

Now, relaunch Steam and see whether it fixed the issue. 

Solution 4: Reset Router Settings with Web Page

You can also reset the router settings with a web page by utilizing its default gateway IP address. You can use this solution if other methods are causing any trouble. 

  • First of all, open a web browser and type the IP address of the router. This is usually mentioned on the back of the router box or its manual. 
  • Press the Enter button and the router will ask for some information like username and password. Mostly, the default credential is admin/admin. 

Note: You should contact your Internet service provider if it is not working or you don’t remember the credentials correctly. 

  • Hit the “Tools” tab present on the top and its System Commands will be on the left. After that, press the Restore button. This will disconnect the router and restore it to the factory settings. 

Now, after getting the Internet connection back, launch Steam and see whether the issue is resolved. 

Solution 5: Clear Download Cache

Another easy way to get rid of Steam connection error on Windows 10 is by just clearing the download cache. This may result in a non-responding or connecting client. However, this will not affect the recent games you are playing on Steam. 

Note: If you do not have your current login credentials in hand, then do not try this solution.

Now, open the Steam client and go to the “Settings”, which is located in the top left menu. Then, look for the “Downloads” option in the Settings panel. 

Following that, click on the “Clear download cache” option and press OK to confirm the choice. After some time, you will find that Steam asking for your login credentials again.

Solution 6: Scan for Malware

There is a chance that this Steam connection error can be related to some kind of malware. Thus, make sure to run a scan for detecting any malicious or corrupted files. This solution has helped a considerable number of users to get rid of this issue easily.

Solution 7: Disable Firewall/Antivirus

Another reason why you may face such an error is because of any firewall or antivirus. Thus, disabling it can often fix the connection error on Steam. To disable the firewall or antivirus, follow the steps cited below.

  • Press the Windows+R button to open a Run dialog box and type “control” in it. After doing so, the Control Panel will appear

  • Type “Firewall” on it and click on the first option that appears on the search result.

  • On the left side, locate the option “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” and disable the program. 

These solutions mentioned above have fixed the Steam connection error for many users. So, hopefully, it will help you to fix the same and overcome the connectivity issue.