How To Fix PS4 Nat Type Failed Error? Step By Step Guides

Do you love playing on your PS 4? Most probably you do. Because PS 4 is like a part of life for many casual and household party gamers. But you have been experiencing bad connection and error messages like “ PS4 Nat type failed”?  

We know it becomes really frustrating when during the game, you are unable to hear your mates’ voices. We are here with some simple solutions that you should definitely try to fix the error. This error generally creates issues with chatting while playing games and is generally caused by a poor internet connection. 

What is NAT and the Types of NAT

Before proceeding to the solutions, let’s discuss what NAT actually is. NAT or Network  Address Translation is actually a method used by routers to translate a public IP address into a private one and vice versa. 

PS4 Nat Type Failed

There are three types of NAT: 

Type 1 (Open) – When you connect the system directly to the internet without the help of any router. This is a problem-free method of connecting PS 4 with the internet. 

Type 2 (moderate) –  The system-PS4 is connected to a router. 

Type 3 (strict) – When the system is connected to a router without an established DMZ setup or open port, you might face issues with the voice chat or the internet connection.

What is the Cause of Nat Type Failed Error?  

The players generally face this issue due to poor internet connection or when the network firewall is causing the problem. Changing the NAT can sometimes solve the issue. 

We will see different methods to fix the issue below. 

Fixing PS4 NAT Type Failed Error

Follow the methods below to correct the Nat type failed error. The fixes below are quite simple to follow and you can easily use them to get rid of this particular error in no time. So, let’s get into them.

Method 1: Manually Correcting the Network Settings of Your PS 4

Check PS4’s IP address. Sometimes incorrect network settings are saved in your console. You need to check the IP address and if you find it incorrect you need to correct it.

To check the IP address, you need to go to the main screen of your PS 4, open Settings and click Network. Click on “View Connection Status”. You will see the IP address allocated to the PS4 will be visible. If you find the console does not have the correct settings, then set it manually. To do that, you need to connect a computer and the PS4 to the same network. Check the computer and then put the information on your PS4. 

Now, type “cmd” on the Run search box and hit Enter. When the Command Prompt box appears, type in the following command: ipconfig /all. This will show information regarding all the network interfaces. Note all the details. 

Go to Settings from your console, click on Network and then Set Up Internet Connection. Select the appropriate connection, when you will be given a choice to select the medium of connection. 

Select “Custom” from the menu. To manually add information, we have to use Custom. Do not select Proxy Server since we are not using it. Put the necessary details and then check the connection. 

Method 2: Enable DMZ Server

A DMZ is a subnetwork that exposes a network’s external-facing services to an untrusted network. The untrusted network referred to is the internet. PS4 will be your DMZ host.

This helps in correcting the network configuration on your router and will help in establishing a good connection between consoles. 

To do this, you will have to go to Network Settings on your PS4 and then note down the IP address if you haven’t done this before. Now, login to your router using the IP address associated with the router which is listed on the back of the router or the router box. Enter all the details. Enter the IP address on your PS 4 and apply all the changes. 

Before exiting, save all the changes. Next, you need to power cycle both your router and the PS 4. Now, check the internet connection and hopefully it will work this time. 

Method 3: Forwarding Ports for Your Network

Port forwarding is the method by which a gateway or similar device transmits all the coming communications or traffics of a specific port to the same port of any internal network node. It enables the external source network or system to connect an internal source node, which connects to internet services and an internal private LAN.

Port forwarding is a way to preserve the public IP address. It protects users from unwanted access from strangers. 

Lets, try this fix now. To do this, you will have to enter your router’s web-based setup page. Enter the IP address in the address bar of a browser to do that. You can get the IP from the back of the router or the router box. 

Now, go to the Port Forwarding section. Assign an IP address to each of the ports and give your PS4 a name before you add the ports in the forwarding table. Add these ports on the port forwarding table of your router: 80(TCP), 443(TCP), 3478(TCP and UDP), 3479(TCP and UDP), 3480(TCP).

Save all the changes that you just made to the router settings and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 4:  Enable The Universal Plug n Play On Your Router

Enabling the plug n play feature can help improve the connections. So, you can try this trick and see if it works.

To enable UPnP, you need to type in the default IP address of your router in the address bar of a browser. Now go to the routers configuration webpage by entering the login credentials and in the Settings, try to find UPnP for all devices option and then Enable it. You will find this in the Advanced Settings of the routers. Now save the settings. Check if you have resolved the error.

In a Nutshell

We have mentioned the best methods to fix the error ‘PS4 NAT type failed’. We hope you have resolved the issue by now. If you find any other effective method do comment about it in the comment section below.