How To Fix: Nexus Mod Manager Not Opening

The Nexus Mod Manager is a tool that lets users modify a game of their choice. Using this tool, you can easily change the core functionalities of the game according to your requirements. Despite its quality features, you can encounter a situation where the Nexus Mod Manager won’t open.

There are quite a lot of reasons why this error occurs. For example, if there is a compatibility issue of this software with any other, then you can face this problem. Again, if this software is blocked by the Operating System for security, then there is a chance for you to meet with this error.

Nexus Mod Manager Not Opening

Further, if this software is not executed with administrative privileges, even then you can get this glitch. Moreover, if the program file of this application gets corrupted, then this error can crop up. 

Here, we are going to discuss the fixes that will resolve this issue in no time. So, follow and implement them correctly on your device to get rid of this error. 

Fixing the “Nexus Mod Manager Not Opening” Issue

In this section, we will be discussing the methods that will certainly help you eradicate this error quickly and completely.

Run the Nexus Mod Manager in Compatibility Mode

If the Nexus Mod Manager application is not compatible with the current version of the Windows Operating System, then there is a possibility for you to face this issue. Now, the correct answer to solve this problem is to run this software in compatibility mode.

In order to do that, follow the steps given below.

  • First, on the desktop, locate the Nexus Mod Manager application icon and right-click on it. Next form the popup list, choose the ‘Properties’ option.
  • As soon as you click on that option, the ‘Properties’ dialog box specific to the NMM software will open up.
  • Now, inside that dialog box, navigate to the ‘Compatibility’ tab. Under that tab, locate the ‘Compatibility mode’ section, in it, put a checkmark in the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’ option. 
  • After that, from the drop-down list, choose the ‘Windows 8’ option. Next, hit the ‘Apply’ and then the ‘OK’ button.
  • At last, try to launch the NMM software and see if this issue is fixed or not.

Unblock the Nexus Mod Manager Application 

If the NMM application is blocked due to some security reasons by the Windows Operating System, then you might face this error. The best solution to get rid of this problem is to unblock the Nexus Mod Manager software. The steps to do it are as follows:

  • First, locate and then right-click on the NMM software icon. Then, from the popup menu that comes up, choose the ‘Open file location’ option.
  • Once a new window with the NMM folder opens up, select and right-click on that directory. As soon as you do that, a popup list will appear, in it, choose the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Now, a new ‘Properties’ window will come up. Inside that window, find and select the ‘Unblock’ button.
  • To confirm these changes made to the NMM folder, press the ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ buttons consecutively.
  • Lastly, reboot the system and check if this issue has been resolved or not.

Remove the User Configuration File

If the user configuration file of a certain game profile is corrupted somehow, then also you can get this problem. The easiest answer to solve this problem is to delete the corrupt user configuration file and create a new one. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, locate the ‘Computer’ icon and double-click on it to open the same.
  • Now, a new window will come up containing the list of all the hard drive partitions along with the disc drives installed within the machine.
  • Inside that window, open the C: drive. Next, go to the address bar and type in the following path – “C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Local/Black_Tree_Gaming/NexusClient.exe…../versionnumber(0,63.14.0)/user.config”.
  • Once the user configuration folder opens up, select all its contents by pressing the ‘Ctrl + A’ keys simultaneously. After that, press the ‘Delete’ key to remove everything within this folder.
  • Next, locate the previous version of the NMM folder, and in it, find the user configuration data of the specific game.
  • After that, copy the user configuration data and paste it into the current NMM folder.
  • Finally, launch the Nexus Mod Manager application and see if this issue comes up or not.

Run the NMM Application in Administrator Mode

If you try to launch the NMM application, but find that the Nexus Mod Manager is not opening, then the best way to resolve this problem is to execute this software in administrator mode. Follow the steps underneath.

  • First, tap the ‘Windows’ logo on the Task Manager to launch the ‘Start Menu’.
  • Inside that menu, search for this application and right-click on it. Next, from the popup menu that comes up, locate and then choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.
  • If you want to permanently execute this application in administrative mode, then again right-click on the NMM software icon. After that, choose the ‘Properties’ option from the popup menu.
  • Next, within the ‘Properties’ dialog box, go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab. Under this tab, navigate to the ‘Privilege Level’ section.
  • Now, within this section, put a tick mark on the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ option.
  • Finally, to confirm these changes, tap the ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons consecutively.

Install NMM Application Once Again

If the program files of the NMM software gets corrupted somehow, you might encounter this error. Now, the best answer to resolve this problem is to uninstall and then reinstall the Nexus Mod Manager application.

  • First, press the combination of ‘Windows + R’ keys to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Inside that dialog box, input the text “control” in the blank area beside the label ‘Open:’. Then, tap on the ‘OK’ button.
  • As soon as you do that, a new window having the name ‘Control Panel’ will come up. Within that window, locate and choose the ‘Programs’ category.
  • Now, a new page with the name ‘Programs’ will come up, in it, select the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  • Now, a new page with a list of the applications installed within the system will come up. From that list, locate and right-click on ‘Nexus Mod Manager’.
  • Next, from the popup menu that comes up, choose the ‘Uninstall’ option. This action will open up an uninstaller window, in it, follow the instructions that come up on the screen and select the’ Uninstall’ button.
  • Once the uninstallation of the NMM application is complete, restart the system.
  • When the computer starts up, visit the official NMM website and download the setup file.
  • At last, follow the on-screen instructions and install the Nexus Mod Manager application.

Now inspect if this error appears or not when you attempt to launch this software.

Restore the Computer to an Earlier State

If none of the methods mentioned rectify the Nexus Mod Manager not Opening issue on Windows 10, then as a last solution all you can do is use the ‘System Restore’ feature and restore the machine to an earlier working state. 

Here are the steps that you can follow.

  • First, tap the keys ‘Windows + S’ together to open the default search section. 
  • In that section, type ‘system restore’, then from the search result, click on the ‘Create a restore point’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, a ‘System Properties’ window will open, in it, the ‘System Protection’ tab will be chosen automatically.
  • Under that tab, choose the ‘System Restore…’ button. Now, a new window having a name ‘System Restore’ will come up
  • Inside that window, select the ‘Choose a different restore point’ option and then, tap the ‘Next’ button. Now, from the list of all the restore points, choose the correct one and then select the ‘Next’ button.
  • At last, to initiate the restore process, click the ‘Finish’ button.

To fix the ‘Nexus Mod Manager not opening’ issue just follow the above methods and mention which specific method has solved this issue in the comment section below.