How To Fix Mac Error Code 36 [Fixed]

Mac users often face error code 36 while trying to copy files on their Mac devices. This error completely stops the process and prevents the user to perform any further operation. 

Error -36 appears in the form of an error message “The Finder can’t complete the operation because of some data in “File Name” can’t be read or written”. This error mainly appears due to the problem within the file directory. 

If you are also getting the same error and unable to solve it, then you should have a look at this guide. Here you will learn the easy ways to resolve this error at the earliest. 

2 Ways to Resolve the Error Code -36 on Mac

Here are the easy solutions that can help you to eliminate this error permanently from the Mac device. Follow the methods in the exact series provided. 

Fix 1: Using dot_clean

“dot_clean” is an effective and simple command-line utility that has the ability to deal with the error code 36. You can use this tool to solve this error. Follow the steps given below: 

  1. First of all, turn the computer On and click on Application. 
  2. Afterward, click on the Terminal button by going to the ‘Utilities’ tab. 
  3. Now, you have to type “dot_clean” and add a space in the 1st line of the terminal.   
  4. Next, you should drag the file icon, memory card, or flash drive to the Terminal window. It will generate the ‘/path/folder’ path. 
  5. After that, you should hit the Enter key from the keyboard. As a result, it will combine the hidden files including the host files. 
  6. Close the window and restart the system.

Now, you should try to copy the files and check if the error code 36 has been solved. 

Fix 2: Check the Shortcoming

Sometimes, shortcomings like sharing permission, lack of permission, any issues with the external media may cause error 36. To solve this, you need to go to the Finder and check the permissions that are required to copy the files. 

Next, navigate to the ‘Permission and sharing’ category and set it to ‘Everyone’. Before this, you need to make sure that the account has the read access for that particular file. You can also take ownership of that specific file. 

If you see that the issue is still unresolved, then you should perform the steps given below: 

  • Check if the computer is connected with a stable and secure internet connection. 
  • Check if there is a problem associated with the external media. 

After that, you should restart the system and try to boot it into the Safe Mode. Now, try to copy the files to check if the issue has been sorted. 

If this solution is able to fix the error code 36, then you can try to copy the files once again. However, if not, then you should move on to the next solution stated below. 

Summing Up…

In the above post, we have discussed the foolproof ways which are able to eradicate the error code 36 in minutes. Make sure that you implement all the above steps in their appropriate order. We hope this post will help you to get rid of this issue.