How To Fix iTunes Error 3194? Quick Hacks

Many iPhone and iTunes users reported that they encounter the iTunes error 3194 while trying to update their iDevice. Basically, updating any iOS device or application is a very smooth process. But sometimes, users may face this menace.

You can’t update or upgrade your iOS device and notice this error 3194

Causes Behind iTunes Error 3194

This error normally occurs when iTunes is unable to connect to the software update servers of Apple. Thus, it won’t be possible to update your iDevice.

This error 3194 can also occur due to some fault with your iDevice. The software version may be outdated or no longer exists, or it may be some other issues. 

Simple Hacks to Fix iTunes Error 3194

You can use some basic troubleshooting to fix this error. These are very simple and can be done without changing any setting of your system or iOS devices. 

Confirm Connectivity

Firstly, you need to ensure that there is no interruption of internet connection in your system. iTunes can’t run without an internet connection. 

Also, try to use another USB port or any other USB cable if you find out that there is something faulty with those.

Remove Clutters

Make sure that nothing comes between your system and the router. If there is any hindrance, please remove it.

You can restart your router and the system as well. Restart can do wonders sometimes.

Wait for a While

You can wait for some time and then you can go for a reboot of all the associated systems and devices. Then connect your iOS device to your system and launch iTunes.

Try Another System

You can opt for another computer to launch iTunes on your iPhone. This has resolved the iTunes error 3194 for some users.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 

Now, we are done with the simple fixes. Now let’s move onto the fixes specific to the error code 3194 on iTunes. 

Updating iTunes

You can update iTunes on your computer. Sometimes, outdated iTunes can cause the error 3194. An older version of iTunes is probably the reason for which the connection is getting disrupted. Therefore, make sure to update your iTunes on a regular basis.

Edit Host Files

If the above fix doesn’t work then try to edit your host files. 3194 error takes place when we can’t contact Apple servers on our system. Here’s how you can perform this fix.

  1. Close iTunes.
  2. Open your host file.
  1. Mac users, open terminal and type sudo nano/private/etc/hosts and hit Return.
  2. Windows users, navigate the path: system32\drivers\etc.
  3. Look for the host file If you can’t find it then the host file is not an issue behind the error. You can skip this step.
  4. Add a # and space at the beginning of the host file
  5. Save it.
  6. Quit the file or the terminal.
  7. Restart your system.

Now, try to reconnect your iPhone and find out if you are able to restore your device.

Disable Firewall

You may disable your Windows defender firewall to fix this error. Firewall sometimes blocks well-configured files, as well. So you can disable it for a while. Please make sure that you turn it on again after you have completed restoring your iPhone.

Disable Antivirus

Similarly, the antivirus of your system can prohibit you from updating your iDevice and cause the error 3194. You can disable it also. Meanwhile, go for the task and when done, please activate your antivirus again. Don’t compromise with security especially when you are online.