How To Fix Error Code 0x80073712 [Resolved]

Windows Update is essential if you wish to keep your OS secured and optimized. However, Windows Update is hardly an easy task. 

Besides, during the process of Windows Update, Users confront several errors and glitches. Among them, one of the most recurrently faced issues is Error Code 0x80073712. 

Now, essentially speaking, code 0x80073712 indicates the presence of some damaged or corrupt files that Windows Update must update. However, the occurrence of such an error restricts the Windows Update from executing the action. Therefore, the update process fails. 

The error under observation normally occurs due to either uninstallation or else incomplete installation of the Software. 

Nonetheless, the glitch, in question can be readily solved. And in this article, we are all set to offer you the premium workarounds to resolve the problem.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80073712 in Minutes 

Take a look at the most premium hacks to resolve error code 0x80073712 most easily. 

Solution 1: Scan the Computer to Detect Malware

One of the prominent causes is the Malware attack. Thus, needless to say, that excluding the Malware issues is one of the most effective resorts to the problem. 

For this, you may use the built-in Windows Defender Utility. The tool enables the user to conduct a thorough System Scan. Go through the instructions below to execute the same.

Click on the Start Menu. Thereafter, navigate over to the Settings applications. Once under settings, reach out to the “Update & Security” Section. Under this, press the Windows Defender option. Once clicked, the Windows Defender tool is going to be launched. 

The tool will conduct a full scan of the device and detect the presence of malware. To perform the Scan, you can launch the System File Checker.

How to Run the System File Checker? 

In order to launch the System File Checker, perform the following steps. 

  • First and foremost, you need to launch the Command Prompt. You can do so by using the Search Dialog box. 
  • Thereafter, right-click on the requiste option and choose “Run as Administrator” from the dropdown menu bar.  
  • The moment the Comand Prompt window pops up, you need to write “sfc /scannow” and click on Enter. 
  • The scanning will start. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the process.
  • Once done, reboot your PC and check if error code 0x80073712 is sorted. 

Solution 2:  Try Launching the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows Update Troubleshooter identifies the Update related issues and resolves it within minutes. Adhere to the steps listed below in order to launch the Troubleshooter. 

  • At first, you must move over to the Settings Application. Once under Settings, write Troubleshoot and choose the same from the list of options that pops up on the screen. 
  • Now,  once under Troubleshoot, you must look out for the Windows Update option. Once found, choose the option and press “Run the Troubleshooter”.  
  • Once done, the troubleshooting process will initiate. Meanwhile, you will have to follow the remaining onscreen prompt to find out if it has detected any problems. 
  • Finally, you must reboot your computer. 

Solution 3: Delete the XML files that are Pending 

Oftentimes users fail to update the Windows OS due to the pending XML files.  If such is the case, you can easily resolve such issues by simply removing the XML files that are pending. 

To do so, you will only have to initialize the Command Prompt as Administrator and type in the commands that follow:

  • net stop trustedinstaller
  • cd %windir%\winsxs
  • takeown /f pending.xml /a
  • cacls pending.xml /e /g everyone:f
  • del pending.xml

You may note that while executing the abovementioned commands, you are most likely to receive an error message stating “The Windows Modules Installer service is not started”. Simply ignore the error message and go on performing the commands. You must remember to press the Enter button after each of the commands.  

Solution 4: Try Rebooting the Windows Update Service

You normally use the Windows Update Services if you wish to change the functioning of the Windows Services on your PC. These services are largely responsible for the functioning of the existing programs. 

Further, they also monitor the overall management of many System settings and other resources. Therefore, to reboot the Windows Update Services, perform the following measures. 

  • At first, initialize the Run Command by clicking on Windows Key and R  simultaneously.
  • Thereafter, within the Runbox, put in the command “services.msc” and press Enter. 
  • Search for the most compatible services from the Service List by simply clicking on “W”. 
  • Following this, scroll down to the option labeled “Windows Update” and right-click on the same. 
  • Finally, choose the “Stop” option and after right-clicking, select the Start option.

On successful execution of the overall procedure, you might not confront error code 0x80073712. 

Solution 5:  Resetting the Components of Windows Update 

Damaged or defective Windows Update Components can trigger the error under discussion. Hence, to fix the issue, you must reset them manually using the Command Prompt.  

All you should do is launch the Command Prompt and enter the necessary commands. Make sure, you click on Enter after each of the commands. After you have put in all the commands, reboot your PC and try updating your Windows OS. 

We understand that error code 0x80073712 is quite a frustrating technical glitch. However, with the resolutions we offered, you can easily fix the problem. Thus, try them out at the earliest.