Solved: How To Fix A Disk Read Error On Windows 10

The disk read error generally appears right after booting the computer. This error prevents the system to boot into the Operating System. This indicates that it blocks users from accessing the system files.   

Often users try to solve this issue by performing a fresh restart. But, as soon as the system starts the error recurs.  If you note this error then a message “A disk read error has occurred. Press Ctrl+ Alt+Del to restart” appears.

This error indicates that the system has failed to read the hard drive. However, the cause of this error differs from system to system. 

There are a few easy solutions you should try in order to troubleshoot this problem. We recommend you to go through this guide. 

Easy Ways to Solve the Disk Read Error Windows 10

Here we are going to discuss the easy hacks to fix the disk read error on Windows 10. But before that, you need to check the hard disk of the computer. A faulty hard disk also might be the reason behind this error. 

After checking the hard disk, you should perform the troubleshooting methods explained below: 

Way 1: Update or Reset the BIOS

Resetting the BIOS can help you to get rid of this issue by restoring the system to its default settings. It can also help you to fix the problems that are related to the hardware of the computer. 

Step 1: 

First and foremost, you need to restart the system. When the system starts, you need to hold down the Startup key to Enter the BIOS page. (Mostly, the Delete or F2 key is your Startup key. But it’s better to check the User Manual to identify the specific key). 

Step 2: 

Afterward, tap on the ‘Load Setup Defaults’ option. If you are unable to locate this option, then you can click on the similar option that prompts to load the default settings, factory settings, etc.   

Step 3: 

Now, reset BIOS by pressing the Enter key from the keyboard. Now, confirm the action by clicking on the YES button from the pop-up option. Or if you prefer, you can also solve this by updating the BIOS. 

How to Update the BIOS?

  1. First, bring up the Start menu and type “msinfo” in the search bar. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to open the System Configuration window. 
  2. Now, you will see a list of letters and numbers. Under the ‘System Model’ section, you will see the model name of the system. 
  3. Afterward, you need to look for the version number of BIOS. You will see this under the ‘BIOS Version/Date’ section. 
  4. Next, visit the official website of the manufacturer. 
  5. Now, search for the BIOS update file and download and save it on the system. 

After that, install it by following the on-screen directions. Once you complete the updating process, you should restart the computer and check if the issue has been fixed. 

Way 2: Fix Boot and MBR

You can also solve the disk read error by fixing the MBR or Master Boot Record of the system. This solution only works if the boot sector of the system or if the MBR gets damaged or corrupted. 

To perform this, you must require a repair disc or a Windows installation disc. Now, simply perform the steps as follows: 

  1. First, insert the Windows installation media into the DVD disc drive of the system. 
  2. Next, choose your preferred language. 
  3. Click on the ‘Repair your computer’ option. Afterward, select the Operating System you want to repair and tap on the Next button to proceed. 
  4. Under the ‘System Recovery Options’ window, tap on the ‘Command Prompt’ option. 
  5. Now, you have to run the CHKDSK utility. To run this, you should type “chkdsk X: /r” in the command line (replace ‘X’ with the drive letter). 
  6. Run this command by pressing the Enter key from the keyboard. 
  7. After executing the above command, you need to run the command “bootrec /fixboot” to fix the boot sector of the hard drive. 
  8. Thereafter, run the ‘bootrec /fixmbr” to repair the Master Boot Record file of the system. 

Once you execute the last command, you should exit from the Command Prompt window and restart the computer. Now, if you see that the issue is still disturbing you, then you should check the cables of the hard drive to get rid of this error. 

Additional Method: 

After trying all the above hacks if the problem is still unresolved, then go through the methods provided below: 

  1. Check the Hard Disk’s Cables: 

Now, you should check the power and SATA cables (IDE) of the hard drive to get rid of the disk read error. Check if the cables are defective or loose by testing them using a multimeter device. If you see that the cables need a replacement, you can go for it. 

  1. Test RAM Memory: 

Due to the faulty RAM slot or RAM stick, you also can meet this error. Hence, it’s better to test the RAM of the computer. For this purpose, you should visit the official website of Microsoft and check for the tool that can help you to test the RAM. 

Summing Up…

Here we have discussed the possible ways that can help you to solve this error in minutes. All the methods are effective and quite easy to apply. 

Hopefully, after implementing the above ways it will surely help you to eradicate this error. In addition, you can share your valuable feedback or doubts/queries through the comment section.