How To Fix DIRECTV Error Code 775?

DirecTV provides direct broadcast satellite television services to the United States of America and its nearby states. Most of the DirecTV users are reporting errors when they can’t enjoy their favorite channels on the screen. 

One of the recent errors of DirecTV that most users are encountering nowadays is DirecTV error code 775.

If you are one of them who are dealing with this frustrating error, then keep calm. We have some quick hacks applying which you can start watching your favorite series and movies on your TV once again. 

But it’s better if you go through causes at first because the exact cause can help a lot to overcome the issue. 

Probable Causes for DIRECTV Error Code 775:

Any fault in a particular electronic device can occur due to several reasons. The reasons will help you detect the fix that the gadget needs. Thus, here we will be discussing the possible causes of DirecTV error code 775.

Whenever you notice this error, you can expect another message along with the code. The message says “The satellite dish you are using is unable to communicate with the receiver”.

This information is not that helpful in this situation. It doesn’t indicate which part is faulty or so. 

Besides that, this particular message points to other causes that are responsible for the disaster. The reasons may be a fault in the connection between the dish and DirecTV, or power inserter is not plugged. Maybe, the satellite dish is not working fine or the connection between satellite dishes and satellites is lost. 

Whatever the reasons are, we will try to fix them with a quick guide. You just need to follow this guide so that you can enjoy your DirecTV seamlessly.

Solutions to Fix DIRECTV Error Code 775:

We have investigated enough time to fix this DirecTV error code 775. We have tried and tested these fixes so that you can use them without any doubt. Also, we assure you that these fixes will work for your DirecTV too. So, let’s start.

Fix 1: Check All Connections on the Receiver of your DIRECTV

When you start any remedial procedures, keep in mind that you should apply the first things first. It reduces the headache as we frequently face connection issues. 

This step may sound silly but it is true that connection fault can play a major role in disrupting your devices. Therefore, you need to check the receiver of your DirecTV to apply this fix. 

Follow this method step-by-step.

  1. Head towards the back of the receiver of your DirecTV.
  2. Start checking from the SAT IN or satellite connection. Hence, check if all the connecting cables are tight or loose.
  3. Ensure that every connection is securely seated. There should be no loose connection between each cable and your receiver.

After tightening up every connection corresponding to your receiver, switch on your DirecTV. Check if you can still see the error code 775 or not. If yes, then proceed to the next fixes.

Fix 2: Checking Swim Power Inserter

This fix will help you when you have a Swim power inserter. Mostly, DirecTV users own a Swim power inserter along with their DirecTV. 

Swim power inserter is connected to a power source and connects to DirecTV through cables. You have to investigate right there, at the connections concerned to Swim power inserter. 

Let’s try out the below steps to accomplish this task. You just need to perform a power cycling to the Swim power inserter.

  1. Remove the plug of Swim power inserter from the power source.
  2. Wait for at least 1 minute.
  3. Plugin the cable of Swim to the power source again. 
  4. Make sure that the power inserter is on.
  5. Check all the connections once more and then turn on your TV.

Hopefully, your TV should display channels now. If not, then please go for the next fix. 

Additionally, you can go for one Swim power inserter per room of your house when you have multiple TV sets.

Fix 3: Wait for Some time

We know that it sounds funny but you have to keep patience sometimes. Many users have reported that they faced error 775 when the weather was not preferable. 

Natural occurrences like a storm, solar storm, etc can disturb the view on your TV, so it is better to wait for a while. When the weather becomes fine, you can switch on your TV and DirecTV to see if the error persists. 

Waiting is also helpful when there is an internal problem between the satellite and receiver. Maybe, the technicians of DirecTV are trying to fix the error.

What to do When Dish is the Issue Behind this Error Code?

We have considered a different section for the problems with the satellite dish as the satellite dish is one of the main components of your DirecTV packages. So you should watch out for the dish too. 

Maybe, the satellite dish is no more pointing to the satellite from which it receives signal. The dish is not any more perfectly aligned. This belongs to a severe technical issue.

This problem can happen to a newly installed dish or those dishes that are installed many years ago. This can also happen due to a slapdash installation. Surely, it will ruin your mood when you are dealing with this with a new DirecTV connection.

The satellite dishes get installed on poles and you should mount them on the poles standing on concrete floors or roofs. If they are installed on grounds or rocks, then there’s a high chance that any strong storm can displace the satellite dish from its alignment. This is one of the precautions that anyone should follow for a long-time uninterrupted service. 

Make sure that the installation should be done by a professional. The wrong installation can lead to damage to the satellite dish. And rain, a storm can affect it more badly. 

So you should keep an eye over the satellite dish if you are facing DirecTV error code 775. You can align the dish correctly or even you can opt to take assistance from a technician. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the fixes and information were helpful to you. You can ask your queries through our comments section so that we can reach you and help you accordingly. 

If you have any new fix or suggestion to this error, then you can add that in the comment section below.