How To Delete Outlook Account: Here’s How To Do It

If you have an Outlook account and it is behaving strangely, then you should remove it. But one thing is for sure, Microsoft Outlook is definitely not the easiest when it comes to fully removing an account.

If you are not aware of how to delete the Outlook account, then go through the process described here and apply them accordingly.

When the Users Delete their Outlook Account?

Removing or deleting your Outlook account is seriously problematic. Also, there should be serious consequences also. You should know the merits and demerits of deleting your Outlook account.

  • Your username is easy to track: If you have used a username that is easy to track by anyone, then it is better to delete that account and open a new account with a more complicated username.
  • You are receiving too much spam in Spam box: Sometimes, you may receive some unwanted emails, some spam messages in the Spam box. These messages may harm your account. Also, hackers may hack your account and steal your personal details.
  • You are worried about your unused account being leaked: There is a possibility that all your personal information, your email information get exposed in the near future. But if you delete the account, then there will no risk.

Effective Procedures to Delete or Close Outlook Account:

In order to delete the Outlook account permanently, you need to apply the steps mentioned in the section below.

  1. First of all, sign in to your Outlook account and thereafter, click on the gear icon which is available on the upper-right corner of the system screen.

  1. A list of options will appear on the system screen. Now, choose the More Mail Settings option from the list. Under the More Mail Settings, you will find 

  • Managing your account
  • Writing Email
  • Preventing junk email
  • Customizing Outlook

  1. From the above option, choose the ‘Managing your account’ option. Thereafter, you will be directed to a new window. Display your account in the Account Summary and then ‘Password and Security info’.

  1. Simply, scroll down the page and then find the Close account option. Then tap on the option.

  1. Now, before you remove the account permanently, Microsoft Outlook will request you to check the ‘Privacy and Cookies’ statement. Finally, it will ask you whether you want to close the account or not. If you click on the OK button, click on Yes to confirm the action.

Hence, you have applied all the steps that are mentioned in the above section and thereafter you can easily delete the Outlook account. It is advisable not to skip any steps in the middle, otherwise, you need to start the process from the beginning.