Easy Hacks To Resolve CPU Fan Error | Troubleshooting Tips

Among the other issues related to laptops and PCs, CPU fan error is quite annoying. This is because once this issue occurs, then there is a great possibility that it can damage the system. 

Once you notice this technical glitch, then the system prompts you to press the F2 key to skip the restart. While most of the time, the computer will shut down and reboot automatically.

In case, the issue is still there after restarting, then you need to wipe out the error instantly. Hence, if you face this issue and are not aware of all the fixing techniques, then this article might work as a savior to you. 

In this passage, we have come up with some brilliant hacks that you can attempt to eradicate the error.

What Causes CPU Fan Error?

Issues with the CPU cooling system can occur in any of the following reasons.

  • In case, you have recently made changes to the fan speed, then this might be a primary reason for the occurrence of this issue.
  • If the sensor fails to monitor the sensor speed, then this can lead to this problem.
  • Sometimes, the incorrectly connected cooler can be responsible for this error.

These are some of the common causes. Now, if you want to know how to fix CPU fan error, then carefully follow the remaining part.

Excellent Steps to Fix CPU Fan Error:

Keep an eye on the feasible steps in order to resolve your queries.

Step 1

In the beginning, you need to shut down your computer and unplug it from the power socket. Now, to access the fan area, you have to open the computer.

[Note:- Whenever you open the computer, make sure that it powered off totally.]

Step 2

The next thing that you have to do is to unscrew the main access panel of the device. This might locate on the left-hand side of the computer tower.

Step 3

At the next step, you need to remove the access panel. 

Step 4

Now, locate the CPU fan. Well, the CPU fan is quite smaller than the main power supply’s fan. 

Then, navigate to the Motherboard. Under this section, you will notice a small heat-sink fan resembling a microchip. 

The chip is the processor and the assembly fan can be the CPU fan. After that, move to the next step.

Step 5

Thereafter, remove the dust that is clogging the CPU fan. Next, thoroughly check the cable that is running from the CPU fan to the ending point on the motherboard. 

Sometimes, it is quite possible that a fan cable can become loose and as a result, it can lead to the CPU fan error. 

In such a scenario, reattach the cable. 

Step 6

Then, shut down the computer.  Furthermore, you should plug in your computer and turn it on. 

After that, check whether any change is made or not.

Additional Fix:

In case, you are not comfortable with the above steps, then do not worry. Here we have provided an additional solution for you. Check it out.

  • Change the CPU Fan Speed

In order to apply this solution at first, you have to boot your device. Then, navigate to the Advanced settings. After that, you should search for the Monitor section.

Now, change the CPU fan speed and again reboot your computer and looking for improvement.

Parting Words

The CPU fan is an important part of any computer. So, if you encounter the CPU fan error, then you should fix the issue immediately.

However, by using the above solutions, you can easily fix this issue on your own. So, go through them and apply those steps one after one to get rid of this technical bug.