2 Methods For AOL Password Reset [Quick And Easy]

AOL mail is one of the popular choices web-based email service providers. It offers an enhanced customized experience. Creating an AOL account is very easy and can be done in just a few steps. But, most people have a habit of forgetting their passwords after creating an account.

Therefore, if you are one of those who are unable to log into the account then we will show you the easy steps for AOL password reset. Simply follow the guide, and try not to skip any highlighted points. 

How to Reset AOL Password?

To begin with, we have covered two ways to change the AOL password. The first method is when you already know your password and wish to change it. The other method is for users who have forgotten their password and cannot access their account anymore. 

  • Change your Password from Account Settings

First, let us discuss how you can change your existing password for a new one. Ordinarily, it is always recommended to change the password from time to time. 

This is considered important for security reasons. You can prevent hackers from accessing your information by changing your password repeatedly. Follow the steps given below to reset your AOL password. 

  • Open a browser and visit the official page of AOL. Here, enter your login credentials to log in to your email account. 
  • Next, head to Account Security and find ‘Change Password’. 
  • Subsequently, it will ask for your confirmation. Thus, enter your original password once again to confirm. 
  • Here, type a new password that you wish to change. Don’t forget to use a strong password. 
  • Finally, save these settings and close the Settings menu.  
  • Reset AOL Password

This method is useful for people who have lost their password or forgotten it entirely. Therefore, you can follow the instructions mentioned below on how to reset your AOL password. 

  • Open a browser and go to AOL’s official website. Click on the Login/Join option from the left menu pane. Next, click on the option for ‘Trouble Signing In’. 
  • Enter your AOL email ID and click on Next. Here, select one of the recovery methods that you remember setting up. 
  • Next, enter the recovery details and they will send a special code in that contact. Subsequently, open the recovery email or phone to see the code and enter it. 
  • Afterward, enter a new strong password which you can remember easily. 
  • Finally, confirm the new password and save it. Now, you can log in using your new password. 

How to Creating a Strong Password?

There are various methods for hackers to gain unauthorized access to someone’s online account. Generally, they do this by simply guessing the password of the user. Therefore, it is recommended to have a strong password. 

  • Firstly, you should use at least one special symbol in your password. You can use ‘@’, ‘#’, ‘$’ and more. This is because all passwords are stored in an encrypted format. 
  • Similarly, you can use numbers and even place them in exchange for alphabets. For instance, you can use replace ‘L’ and ‘E’ in the word ‘blue’ to make it look like ‘b1u3’. 
  • Make passwords longer than 10 characters. The longer the password is, the more difficult it is to decode them. Capitalizing random letters in the password is beneficial as well. 
  • Additionally,  you can purposely misspell words in your password to make it more difficult to read. Finally, save your password in your Cloud platform. 

Additional Guide: Managing Recovery Options

Managing your account recovery options is very important. It helps in case you need to reset your AOL password. Usually, there are many recovery options available. Here are some of the most common Recovery Options for any Email server. 

  • Security Questions – This will prevent hackers from resetting your password by answering your security questions. Thus, putting the wrong answers will help you to keep your account secure. 
  • Recovery Email Address -This is the Email where AOL can send the special passcode to reset your password. However, make sure that there’s absolutely no way to forget your recovery email’s login credentials. 
  • Recovery Mobile Number- The special passcode will be sent to your phone in the form of a normal text message. Additionally, you can have them call you as well. 
  • Two-Factor Authorisation – A special code is sent on your phone each time you sign in to a new device. You should always use this method to ensure maximum protection of any email account. 


You should be able to reset the AOL password by following the steps mentioned above. You should always use a strong password and two-factor authorization to sign in to any online account. It helps to keep your information secure and prevent unauthorized usage. In addition, you can use the comments section to post your queries or share additional information.