How to Fix ACPI BIOS Error On Windows 10 In Minutes?

Certain Blue Screen of Death Errors like ACPI bios error can certainly pose severe threats to your Computer. Now essentially speaking, such errors normally trigger while Users attempt to  install Windows 10 

Quite obviously, such errors are extremely frustrating as you fail to even launch the Windows. Additionally, you can also take precautionary measures in order to ensure that the error in question does no occur. 

Such precautionary measures include the change of BIOS Settings prior  to the installation of Windows. However, even then you may receive such an error message. 

But, do not worry. We are right here to help you with the simple workarounds to eliminate the problem. Read through our article to learn about the most feasible remedial measures you must try out.  

What Are The Potential Causes of ACPI BIOS Error Windows 10?  

There are a number of causes responsible for the occurrence of ACPI BIOS error. And in this segment, we have listed the major ones. Thus, take a look at the foremost causes of the error code in question.

  • Incorrect configuration of the System Files. 
  • Defective or outdated Device Drivers can cause the issue. 
  • In case your PC is infected by harmful viruses. 
  • Windows System Files infected by Malware triggers the problem. 
  • Furthermore, conflicts between the System Drivers after a Hardware Installation or a defective Hard drive is largely responsible for the error. 
  • The defective Windows Registry database can also be a potential cause for ACPI BIOS Error 

How to Fix ACPI BIOS Error Windows 10? 

Under this section, we shall help you with the most feasible solutions to undertake in order to resist the issue. Do read over them.

Fix 1: Try Updating the BIOS Driver 

One of the foremost causes of ACPI BIOS  is the Outdated Driver. Thus, needless to say, that one of the easiest fixes for you is to update the BIOS Drivers.

Now, doing this is quite simple. You just need to reach out to your nearby Hardware Manufacturer. And you can download the latest and most compatible driver for the device.  

 A Step by Step Guide to Update your BIOS Driver

  • First and foremost, you must restart your PC  in Safe Mode. 
  • Thereafter, detect the brand name of your Motherboard. Download the most befitting Driver for your device from the official Manufacturer’s website. And once downloaded, install the BIOS Driver. 

This should fix the ACPI BIOS Error at once. 

Fix 2: Try Booting your Laptop or PC in Safe Mode 

Booting the Laptop or PC in Safe Mode is one of the simplest resorts for your problem. Follow the steps listed below in order to perform the same. 

  1. At first, you need to plug in the USB cable in order to reboot your PC. And the moment your computer boots, press the Next icon. 
  2. Thereafter, press the option labeled “Repair your Computer” and thereafter, click upon Troubleshoot option. 
  3. Following this, reach out to the Advanced options and click on the same. Then, press the Startup Settings. 
  4. Once you do this, you must click upon the Restart icon. And the moment the System reboots, you will have to choose any one of the Safe Mode option. (It is advisable to select the option  named “Safe Mode with Networking”)

Fix 3: Install Windows 10 OS in UEFI mode

You can most easily get rid of persistent ACPI BIOS Error. By simply installing the Windows 10 OS in UEFI. Hereunder are the steps to perform the same. 

  • At first, you must connect the bootable USB Flash Drive to your PC and try to reboot the same. 
  • Following this, you must press the F11 key to choose the booted device. 
  • As soon as you do this, you will find a list of options popping up on the screen. From among the list of options, you must choose UEFI: USB Flash Drive. 
  • Thereafter, you should adhere to the remaining onscreen prompts to complete the Windows 10 Setup procedure. 

On successful installation of the UEFI mode, you should no longer face the ACPI BIOS Error.

Fix 4: Try Uninstalling the MS ACPI Compliant Driver 

Some users have opined that the uninstallation of the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Driver has indeed served as an effective solution for the problem. To do so, execute the following steps.

  • Launch the Power User Menu by means of pressing the Windows Key and X. Following this choose Device Manager.
  • When the Device Manager boot, detect the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control method battery and right-click upon the same. Then, select the Uninstall button. 
  • Next, you should press the “Scan for hardware changes” button and enable the Windows 10 to install any driver. 
  • Finally, reboot the system.

That’s it, with the solutions we proposed above, resolving the ACPI BIOS Error should be an easy task. Thus, if you are confronting such an error, try the solutions out at the earliest.