How to Send a Fax From Gmail? Step By Step Guide

Gone are the days when you had to use a fax machine to send a fax. With the introduction and easy accessibility of Gmail, sending faxes has become an effortless task. Now, you can send a fax without any physical document and fax machine sitting at your home through your mobile.

However, it should be known that the process is not performed by the Gmail account itself, but a third party service. If you are thinking how then make sure to follow the entire guide where we will be discussing the complete process of sending a fax through a Gmail Account.

How to Fax from Gmail?

Before moving on to the actual process, first, we need to choose an Online Fax Provider. This is because, as mentioned earlier, the faxing feature is not in-built in Gmail. Thus, we will be needing help from a third party fax provider.

With these fax service providers, you will be able to send the faxes easily. However, they only accommodate a certain number of free faxes at first. After using the limit, a proper subscription, purchase credits, or tokens (depending on the service provider) are required to send faxes further.

So, first and foremost sign up for an online fax service provider and make sure that the email address for the fax provider is the same as the one you are using for sending a fax. 

Now that you have access to a fax service provider, let’s see how can you fax a certain document through Gmail.

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail account and then click on Compose to generate a new email.

  • Within the “To” segment situated just above the “Subject”, provide the fax number of the recipient. 

  • Besides, your Fax provider will also provide you a domain name that you’ll be requring in the process. All you have to do is enter the fax number and then enter the domain name. 

  • Suppose the Fax number is 5552419323. So the recipient for sending fax should be 

[email protected]

Where “yourfaxname” is the domain name given by your fax provider.

  • Now, locate the “Attach files” option (usually designated as a paper clip) and combine the fax documents with it. 

  • You can attach multiple formats like DOC, JPG, PDF, and TXT. You can also add a cover letter by typing it on the body of the message. Make sure to do both of them.

  • Proofread your cover letter and check your attachments before sending it to the recipient. Once done, click on the Send button to transmit the fax. To know about the confirmation of fax transmission, go to the user interface of the fax service.