How To Factory Reset the Laptop? Easy Step By Step Guides

Resetting the Window 10 Laptop to its Factory Settings can indeed solve much of the OS related or even driver related issues. Resetting the laptop reverts back the settings to its initial default state. 

Furthermore, factory resetting deletes the files and programs previously installed in the device. Thereafter, it reinstalls the Windows as well as the applications that were formally installed and also optimizes the device for better user experience. 

However, not too many people are particularly familiar with the Factory Resetting process. Hence, in this article, we propose to discuss how to factory reset your laptop in detail. 

So, shed your worries off and continue reading our article. 

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Laptop in Minutes  

In this segment, we shall guide you through all the steps of the factory reset. However, before diving into the process, you have to back up all the files or else they might get deleted. 

Hence, proceed with the detailed steps only after backing up your files successfully. Thereafter, perform the steps that follow: 

Step 1: Access the Settings Applications  

At first, you will have to press on the Start button and choose the gear icon thereafter to open the Settings applications.

You can also open the Settings Applications in an alternative way. Go to the Settings windows or write “Settings” within the Search bar and press the icon when it pops up.

Step 2: Enable Update & Security and Select Recovery Options

Now after successfully opening the Settings applications, you need to click upon the option named “Update & Security”. You will find this option under the Settings tab itself. 

On completion of the above two steps, you will have to press on the Recovery Tab and choose the Get Started option. 

You shall find this option under the “Reset this PC / Laptop” section. And in case you wish to retrieve your Windows 10 Laptop form an external source, you should search for the same in the Recovery Drive.  

Step 3: Either Save or Delete the Files  

Now you are to make a choice. You may retain your previous files or else delete them as per your wish. You can also remove some of the selected or downloaded files, in case, you don’t wish to delete all of them. 

Thus, whether you wish to remove only a chosen few or all the files, starting afresh from the scratch, is absolutely your prerogative. 

Choose “Keep my Files” options, you shall find a list of applications popping up on the screen.  These are the applications that shall be deleted from your Laptop 

However, in case you select “Remove Everything”, then you will be asked to determine if you wish to remove just the files or wipe out the Hard Drive completely. You will have to choose either of the two options. 

Nonetheless, we shall recommend you to clean the entire drive if you wish to rid yourself of Windows 10 issues.  

Step 4: Try Resetting Your Laptop 

Finally, on completion of all the above steps, you simply need to press the Reset button. The moment you do this, your Laptop shall reset. 

However, the Reset process shall take a few minutes. On completing the reset process, your laptop is going to restart all over afresh. 

Although, you shall find the Laptop reverted to its default settings. And when you access the Windows 10, you shall find that the files you wanted to delete are already removed from your Laptop. 

Thus, following the steps that we have listed above you can easily resolve the problem at the earliest.