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Disable Microsoft Edge Effortlessly: 24 Hour Tech Support Service

Microsoft has reinvented Microsoft Edge with the latest design to replace the Internet Explorer and in turn, you gain an all-new UI. You can avail the latest features packed in a box. Despite its excellent performance, it fetches technical glitches. Users encounter technical glitches from time to time. If you want to eliminate this issue permanently, you can have an alternative browser as your default one. This article can help you to disable Microsoft Edge effectively. You can carry out the steps with ease, even if you are not a tech savvy person.

What Leads To Disable Microsoft Edge?

Countless reasons can force you to switch your default Browser from Microsoft Edge. Let us look at the following underlying causes:

  • You might face that Microsoft Edge is running too slow and has difficulty in loading.
  • Even if you have a stable internet connection, you may find that all web pages have a problem with loading securely.
  • You may see that your passwords are not working on Microsoft  Edge even if you are typing in the correct password.
  • You may find that Cortana, as well as the Flash Player, is not working on Edge

Other additional issues might be with your mouse and other features are not working on Edge.

If your device exhibits the traits as mentioned above then it’s high time you need to fix errors at the earliest.

How You Can Disable Microsoft Edge Promptly?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to disable Microsoft Edge securely.

Step 1: Restart Computer

First, you need to reboot your system to remove any temporary backlogs or errors. Then you need to go to the Start menu and end all the programs running from the Taskbar.

Step 2: Go To Main Drive.

You need to identify your main Drive which contains all your Windows system files. On some systems, sit is marked as  “C:” drive. But if you are using a multiple drives setting on your computer, then you may find that your main drive has a name “D:.”

Step 3: Locate the SystemApps folder

First, you need to locate the Windows folder which contains all your system files and folders on your main drive. Then in the native application, you can find the SystemApps folder. This is where all the program files of Microsoft Edge are stored. If you are unable to find the folder, then look for the name ‘Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe’.

The numbers and letters at the edge of the folder may vary based on the version you are using.

Step 4: Change Folder Name

You need to right-click on the Microsoft Edge folder which will show you a drop-down menu. You have to select the option Rename. As soon as you confirm your action, you will be allowed to change the Microsoft Edge folder name. When you turn the name of the folder, you will notice that your system will not be capable of identifying the program files of Microsoft Edge.

Lastly, click on the disable option for the Microsoft Edge app. Start your system from the very beginning and try to check if the error code reappears continually.

You can modify the folder name to anything except the original title.

Are you still unable to find proper solutions to disable Microsoft edge? Then you must avail technical help from the experts to mitigate the issue.

For Further Assistance Connect With Microsoft Tech Support

You can connect with the Microsoft Support who have sufficient knowledge and expertise to diagnose any issue right from its root. Additionally, you can appoint them to look at the problem remotely or get a doorstep service.

The live chat portal platform can provide you with instant replies to resolve any Microsoft Edge related issue completely. Along with all these, you get the assurance that the error won’t disrupt you at any point of time in future.

Now you can obtain expert opinion by dropping us a mail or speak to the support representatives by dialling at Microsoft support number +1-855-334-7340 which is open 24×7 at your assistance.

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