How To Delete Skype Messages | Easy Troubleshooting Proceses

Skype is the social communication application that lets you choose between call, video or text to interact with each other. All the messages that you send get automatically saved within the message history, by default. But what if you want to clean out your Skype chat but don’t know how to delete Skype messages

So, every time you deliver a message to someone, your PC stores it till you take any action to delete your Skype messages.

How To Delete Skype Messages?

It is not at all an issue if you are accessing the app through your personal laptop/computer. The query to know how to delete Skype messages arises when you are sharing the device with another person.

Well, in that case, you may feel insecure thinking of getting your private data to be public. So, get relieved from all your tension by following the top-notch solutions to delete Skype messages.

Before going to the resolutions, it is important to check your device OS depending upon which you will have to try the respective tips.

For Android 6.0+ and tablet, and iPhone and iPad Users

Visit the Chats tab. Click on it to unlock the conversation. Next, right-click to delete the message/messages that you want to clean out from the chat.

Then tap on the Delete Skype chat from the Chats main menu. You will instantly get a prompt notifying you to confirm the delete. Finally, further tap on the Delete button to complete the process.

Check if you learned how to delete Skype messages. Simply get back to the Chat and see if the process has deleted the messages as marked by you or not.

You may even face the issue with another Android version. Move on to the next solution to learn about deleting Skype messages with 4.0.4-5.1.

For Android Mobile 4.0.4-5.1 Users

Simply go to the Skype chat option. Tap to open it. Search for the chat-messages that you want to delete from the chat list. Next, press and hold on that text and tap on the Delete option.

After that, the Remove chat prompt will appear on your device screen. A Delete option will be present on that window. Simply click on it to finish the process of deleting the Skype messages.

Once you remove the message/messages from any particular chat/chats, those texts will no longer be visible to you on that Chat screen. The message will be permanently gone from that Skype account on that specific device.

Suppose, you have accessed your Skype account from another device. Then the deleted messages may show up on that device unless you delete Skype message from there too.

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