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How To Delete skype account: Tech Tips To Solve The Issue

While using Skype, users sometimes end up facing a lot of glitches. Microsoft made the procedure of deleting the Skype account a bit complicated than other processes. Users often need to delete Skype account due to various reasons. There are many reasons which might be responsible for the Skype account deletion problem.

Sometimes, for being connected with Microsoft services Skype account deletion process does not work. Moreover, you must be patient while deleting the Skype account because requires permission from the Microsoft authority. Also, you can communicate with the experts at Microsoft support who can assist you in solving the issue. Take a glance at the reasons which cause the Skype deletion problem.

Common Reasons for Problems with Delete Skype Account?

  • There can be an issue with the Microsoft and Skype accounts which might be causing you the problem.
  • Due to problems with Skype settings sometimes you may face the Skype account problem.
  • There can be a problem with the operating system due to which the users can encounter such Skype issues.

These are the usual causes which might lead to issues when trying to delete Skype account. However, there can also be other complex causes behind the problem. Before you can fix the problem, you will have to know the reasons accurately. Knowing and understanding the ideas will help you identify what is causing the error while Skype deletion.

How To Delete Skype Account?

You can delete Skype account by various means. Take a look at this list of steps that you can implement to resolve your issue quickly with some simple tech hacks.

Step 1: Unlink The Microsoft And Skype Account

First, launch the Skype application and log in to the Skype account which you want to remove permanently. Go to Account details, and from there you can navigate to the Account settings option from “Settings and preferences” option. Now look for connected Microsoft account and click on the “Unlink”. A confirmation message will pop up which will show if you are sure about the unlinking procedure. Finally, tap on “Continue” to authorize the task.

Step 2: Apply To Delete Skype Account

Launch Skype and navigate to the My accounts page. Now visit the account closure page in Skype. Now after clicking next option choose a reason to eliminate your Skype account. Finally, mark the Skype account you want to delete.

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Our team of experts is always around and ready to help you out. We have teams of dedicated Skype service executives to help you out. Place a call to talk to the engineers at Microsoft support at the toll-free number  +1-855-334-7340 Moreover, you can also drop a mail at the official email ID as well as avail the live chat option for communicating Skype Customer Service


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