How To Delete All Emails on Yahoo? [Step-By-Step Guidance]

In case, you have made a large number of contacts on the Yahoo mail that means you might receive several emails on a daily basis. As a result spam emails will be leaving thousands of unwanted emails in your inbox.

In such a case, you might want to delete all the unwanted emails and if you don’t have any idea about how to delete all emails on yahoo, then here is the ultimate guide for you.

We will show you some easy remedies to delete all the mails at the same time.

Methods to Delete all Yahoo Emails:

If you wish to delete Yahoo emails, then check out the rest of the content and resolve your all queries.

Solution 1- Delete all the Yahoo Mail Using the Yahoo Mail

The easiest way to fix the error is by searching all the emails within the incoming folder.  Well, executing this solution is not a difficult task if you thoroughly follow the given steps. 

Step 1

In the beginning, open the Yahoo mail and tap on the search button on the top right corner of the screen.

The next thing that you have to do is to click on the drop-down arrow next to the Filter tab. 

Step 2

Afterward, scroll down and select All.  The next thing that you have to do is just select all the received emails.  Next, remove them. You can delete all the emails by either clicking the Delete button.

Besides that, you might tap on the Archive option. Once you have successfully applied the above two steps, then hope you can successfully perform the Yahoo mail delete all inbox task.

Solution 2- Remove all the Yahoo Mails Through Email Clients (Mails -Windows, Mailbox- Mac)

If the above solution does not work for you, then it is recommended to delete the inbox using an email client. 

In order to apply this solution at first, add the Yahoo account with the email client. 

Thereafter, choose all the emails within the inbox folder. In the last step, press the proper button to delete or archive them. 

One thing you should keep in mind that, to delete all the emails from Yahoo server. Then, you have to enable the feature Delete from Server When deleting locally on the Gmail account. 

Most of the time the option is automatically turned on. However if not, then you can quickly enable it through the Apps settings.

Mail (Windows 10 inbuilt mail client)

If you use Windows 10 Operating System, then once you have finished syncing the Yahoo mail with on Windows 10, then click on the Checkbox button. 

In addition, tap on the Checkbox Inbox to choose all the emails within the inbox folder. Then, tap on the Delete or Archive button to implement the task that you want.

Mailbox ( inbuilt Mac OS or OS X client)

To apply this solution on your Mac device. At first, connect your Yahoo mail with the Mailbox. Thereafter choose the Inbox folder. 

Then, move to the menu bar and click on the Edit option. Next, tap on Select all. 

Alternatively, you might tap on the Mac Command button on the keyboard. Next, tap on the Delete button for deleting or click on Archive for Archiving the emails.

However, as we can understand this procedure takes too much time to delete the Yahoo mail. In such a condition let’s find out an alternative solution to fix the issue. So, have a look at the automated techniques to delete all the Yahoo mail at the same time.

 How to Delete all Emails on Yahoo? Alternative Solution to Implement

Rather than permanently removing emails from the keyboard you can alternatively select to backup the emails before permanently deleting the Yahoo mails.

We would suggest you check the given points before deleting the emails. 

  1. At first, manually copying to the local drive.
  2. Also, forward the emails to another account.
  3. You are also advised to use a backup application for the same.

After completion, you should click on the checkbox inbox to select all the emails. Once done, then click on the Delete button. Alternatively, you might tap on the Archive option to archive all the emails.

To Conclude…

This blog is showing the best way to delete all emails from Yahoo mail. Now, apply them one after one to permanently remove all the mails from your device.