Learn How To Change Primary Monitor Windows 10 Effortlessly

When there are multiple displays to choose from, you must know how to change primary monitor Windows 10, if you need it. Sometimes, only one screen is not sufficient hence, many customers configure multiple monitors in their Windows 10 devices. It requires technical expertise to switch between primary and other monitors. However, you can change it yourself by following accurate steps recommended by certified technicians. So, if you are looking for proper methods to implement multiple display options into Windows, check out this article for more information.

Need For Change Primary Monitor Windows 10

Before knowing how to change primary monitor Windows 10, you must learn why you need to change these settings.

Many customers aren’t even aware that Windows 10 devices come with four modes of display. You can access these modes by using Windows+P, which will display a sidebar having four options. So, if you are working on a PC or laptop, your default selection will be either ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Extend’ mode, based on your device type.

There are overall four modes to choose from – Duplicate, Extend, PC screen and Second screen. You can select the accurate way by your Windows 10 device. Although there can be issues if you want to change primary monitor windows 10, it can be resolved by applying proper settings.

The main purpose behind changing display modes is to utilize multiple screens for various purposes. It also allows the selection of the monitor as per the display resolution needed for a certain task.

How To Change Primary Monitor Windows 10 Devices?

Before you decide to change primary monitor windows 10, check out if getting these symptoms in your device.

Symptoms Of Primary Monitor Issue

  • The secondary display is showing the taskbar, whereas the primary monitor is showing desktop icons.
  • During the program start, both taskbar and program window are refusing to start on the same screen.
  • You are not getting dialogue boxes and taskbar on the same monitor, which means the monitors are not correctly configured.
  • Both the monitors are having different Desktop icons that are unevenly distributed.

Corresponding Solutions

If you aren’t aware of ways to change primary display windows 10, try the following steps based on error symptoms:

Step 1

Use ‘Win+R’ and type ‘desk.cpl’ in the run box and then select ‘OK’. Also, open the ‘Screen Resolution’ and decide which device suits your primary monitor. Based on your selection, click on checkbox ‘Make this my main display’ and select ‘Show Desktop’ option for the main monitor.

Step 2

You can identify the monitors based on the numbering system; hence set the Desktop icons for the corresponding device number. When the dialogue box appears on your screen as a pop-up, select ‘Keep Changes’ to save the display settings.

Step 3

You will get a drop-down menu for ‘multiple displays’ where you have to select ‘Extend these displays’ and click ‘Keep Changes’. After these steps, the customer can drag the positions of monitor icons and use them as primary and secondary monitors.

We hope that the above-mentioned steps would help you in doing away with the glitches.

Contact Microsoft Support For Monitor Change Windows 10

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