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Wondering How To Change IP Address On Windows 10? Contact Our Microsoft Tech Support

Your IP address which stands for Internet Protocol is the alphanumeric code assign to a particular device connected to a network. It is something a regular user would apparently never concerned about. However, the feature is important for locating where the sender is and also serves other purposes. But, there are instances where you need to understand “How to change IP address on Windows 10?”. So, here in this article, we would be addressing the concern with reliable solutions to ease up your experience.

How to change IP address on Windows 10 Via Control Panel

If you want to set a static IP, then you have to change your IP address. To do it, go to the Control Panel and navigate to the Networking And Sharing Center option. After that, click on the Connections Link. Then, in the new window which pops up will have all the details about the internet connection. Now, you need to click on Properties. After that, you’ll again see another window that shows the items use by your computer connection. Next, click on the Internet Protocol 4( TCP/ IPv4) option.

Then if there’s any conflict in the settings, then you can also change the IP address to resolve the issue. Now, need to click on ‘Use The Following IP Adress’ button and then fill in the required details. After that, press Ok. Then, you’ll see your device will automatically run network diagnostic and check the connection.

Note– Don’t forget to check the box which is saying “Validate Settings Upon Exit.”

How to change your IP address on Windows 10 Using Powershell

Windows 10 allows you to use the NetTCPIP module to change the IP settings. In that case, follow the given steps-

  • Af first, go to the Start.
  • In the search bar, type “Powershell” and right-click the result and choose “Run As Administrator” from the menu.
  • Type “Get-NetIPConfiguration and press Enter.
  • Here, type “New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceIndex 4 -IPAddress -PrefixLength 24 -DefaultGateway”, then, press Enter.

Note– In this mentioned command, ensure that you have already amended the number corresponding to InterfaceIndex according to that of your adaptor. Make sure you change the IP address, so that, you can set the new one for your device. Furthermore, altering the PrefixLength(subnet mask) as per the demands of the correct bit number. Keep in mind that the optimum value is 24 when seen on a home network.

  • Type a DNS server address “Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceIndex 4 -ServerAddresses” and then press Enter.
  • Finally, make sure to change the “InterfaceIndex” and also change the “ServerAddresses” with the DNS IP address.

How To Change IP Address Using Settings

You can simply change your IP address using the settings app. But, in many cases, it is discovered that the IP address option is available for the wireless adapter only.

Begin with the Settings.

Then, select the Network & Internet option.

After that, Click on Wi-Fi

Now select the Current Connection option.

Then under the IP Settings, you’ll see the Exit button. Just click on it.

Next, under the drop-down menu, click on Manual and turn on the IPv4 toggle then you can static the IP address.

Now, you can set the Subnet Prefix Length and set the Default Gateway address.

After that, again set the Preferred DNS address and then set Alternate DNS address.

Finally, click on Save option.

So, these are the possible ways, you can use if you stumble upon How to change IP address on Windows 10. In case you fail to follow the steps then, get the additional information by calling our certified professionals.

Need More Assistance? Connect With Our Microsoft Tech Support

You can readily call our Microsoft Tech Support department for any problems regarding your IP address related issues. We’ll be more than glad to help you out with all your questions no matter what time of the day you seek help. Our experts are available round the clock to resolve your problems. So, you can reach us the moment you face any problem, without wasting any time. You can call us, at Our Microsoft Tech Support toll-free number +1-855-334-7340 is available for the users who want to give us a call and get trustworthy answers to their problems. You can also avail our Live chat support portal and get the most accurate solutions. Additionally, you can write a mail regarding the issues you have encountered and send it to

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