How to Block Someone on Gmail – Simple Guide

Gmail is one of the best and most popular applications available for web mailing. There are millions and millions of people who use these services and are very satisfied with that. 

Yet, like in case of any kind of communication system that works through the internet, you always have the problem of spam which can create problems for you sooner or later. 

If you want to stop certain sources from sending you spam mails, or anything that you do not like, then for that, you will have to block that particular email. 

We are going to show you how to block someone on Gmail. And as you apply the instructions, you will be able to block emails in no time. 

Why you Might Need to Block Emails Separately 

The idea of spam is nothing new when it comes to email and you might get hundreds of them in your inbox on a daily basis. Since this is a problem that affects more or less all the users of email services, there is a separate spam list option. There you can list the different addresses sending you spam emails. 

As you put the different addresses that send spam emails into the list, any email that comes from those addresses is not going to show up on the primary of your inbox. If you want to check out any of them, then you will have to go to the spam folder. 

This usually is enough to keep any of the spam senders from flooding your inbox. But in some cases, those senders find creative ways to get emails to your inbox. That is where the spam list faulters and to permanently stop all of that spam, you will have to block the email address. 

By figuring out how to block someone on Gmail, and then applying it for the different email addresses, you will be able to put a stop on spam completely and keep your inbox light. 

Another important thing to mention in this regard is that some emails that you get can have a virus. Not only can that be harmful to the computer system that you are using, but there is always a possibility that your mail account data might be in jeopardy. 

Now, let us check out how to actually block email on Gmail

How to Block Someone on Gmail with a Few Easy Steps 

In this section, we are going to put forth all the instructions that you will need to block emails. Read carefully and then apply the steps: 

  • Open up your web browser and go to Gmail from there to open up your mail account. 
  • As the Gmail window comes up, you will have to type in your email address. 
  • You will also have to type in the phone number that you have registered with your email account. 
  • In the window that comes next to that, you will have to type in your password. After that, click on the Next button to proceed further. 
  • Go to the repeat-offender section and select the email addresses you want to. Then, click on the 3 dos that you will see to the right side of the screen. 
  • A dropdown list is going to come up from there and in it, click on the Block (sender name) option. 
  • Finally, you will have to click on the Block option to confirm that you want to block that particular account. 

So, in this way, you will be able to block out any email address that you want to. 


So, here you have the comprehensive step by step guide about how to block someone on Gmail. If you happen to have any queries regarding this process, any sort of sticking point, then you can ask that in the comments section below. 

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