How To Add Gmail To Outlook| Easy Ways To Configure Office Tools

Microsoft Outlook is an exclusive feature in the Office suite bundle, which helps while working in cloud-based mailing platforms. It can be connected with Gmail directly and hence, you don’t face any problem during transferring files from Google Drive via mail. 

Many people ask a common question regarding how to add Gmail to Outlook. In this article, we will discuss the answer sporadically for both Macintosh and Windows-based platforms. We will also cover a few solutions to resolve various problems when you try to connect your Gmail account to Outlook.

Stepwise Guidance on How to Add Gmail to Outlook

The steps to add Gmail to Outlook on both platforms are separately discussed below. Hence, follow the procedure very carefully.

On Windows Platform 

In this platform, the methods to connect Gmail are as follows.

  • Open your Outlook application and look at the top-left side of your application window. Find the “File” option, click on it and select “Add Account”. A dialog box will open asking you for your official Gmail address. 
  • Write your email id and hit the “Connect” button, which is present just below the blank text box. Now, another dialog box will open and it will ask you for your Gmail account’s password. So, provide your password and select the “Sign in” button. 
  • If you receive a phone number verification prompt, enter the verification code and select “Done”. Google may ask for your permission to allow access to your personal data from Gmail. 
  • Click on “Allow” and wait for few seconds. Another dialog box will open showing your Gmail account has been successfully added. Hence, click on the “Done” button and Gmail will be added to your Outlook. 

Note: When you will connect your Gmail to Outlook, you will receive a warning message from Google. It will notify you that there is another login attempt initiated from IE. So, simply relax as it’s a very common and natural behavior. 

For Macintosh Platform

If you want to connect your Gmail to Outlook on Macintosh OS, follow these simple steps given below. 

  • In Macintosh OS, select Outlook from “Accounts” in the “Preferences” section. Click on the “+” icon and select “New Account”. A blank box will appear on your screen,  where you have to type your email id and press “Continue”. 
  • Now, another space will appear for entering your password. Type your password correctly and press the “Add Account” button. A message box will appear which will show the setup process of your email. 
  • After a few seconds, click on “Continue” and a message box will appear notifying you about the open browser. So, you have to select your Gmail id in the “Choose Account” section and enter your password. Then, follow the remaining steps given above in the Windows section. They are exactly the same. 

We hope this will teach you how to add Gmail to Outlook. These are the few steps to establish a connection between Gmail and Outlook. But, you must also know what happens when  Gmail doesn’t connect with Outlook. So, let’s discuss the remedies briefly. 

Gmail Cannot Setup with Outlook

If your Gmail cannot set up with Outlook, you have to follow some easy steps to fix it. They are as follows.

Turn on IMAP

To turn on this feature in your Gmail, open your email account and go to “Settings” by clicking on the “Gear” shaped option. You will see the “Enable IMAP” option present there with a radio button. Hence, activate the feature and close your browser. 

Delete App Passwords

In this section, deleting application passwords might help to fix the connection between your Gmail and Outlook. To do this, go to Gmail and select the “Sign in and security” option. Scroll down and you will find “App Passwords”. Click on it and you will find the list of password-protected applications already activated. 

Find the “Manage Third-Party Access ” option. Here, open the particular app that you want to delete. Next, select  “Remove Access” and your app password will be removed or deleted. Now, follow this exact step to remove all the application passwords. 


All these procedures mentioned above will surely instruct you on how to add Gmail to Outlook.  It will also help you out when you face problems while connecting Gmail to Outlook. So, whenever any error occurs, perform these above-discussed steps to establish the connection between Outlook and Gmail. 

If you have any queries regarding this matter, feel free to drop us a comment in the blank box given below.