How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail? [Explained And Solved]

Gmail allows you to forward emails with just a click and one at a time. But what if you have a bunch of emails that need to be forwarded at the earliest. It can be a hectic job to sort each email and forward them one by one. 

What if we told you to can forward multiple emails at once. Gmail added an extension for the Chrome browser which allows you to forward multiple emails. So, let us get to the steps through which you can forward the mail without any hassle.

Step-by-Step Guide on Forwarding Multiple Emails in Gmail

Here is how to forward multiple emails on gmail. Simply follow the steps and try not to skip any.

Choose the Emails you Wish to forward

Start by choosing the emails you feel like forwarding. Go to the extension page of Multi Forward for Gmail in the Chrome Store and tap on “Add to Chrome” for adding an extension to your desired browser.

Tap the Forward Icon Button or “Forward all Emails in Label”

Next, tap on the Forward icon. A prompt will appear and will ask you if you would like to include the extension in the browser. Tap on “Add” for adding the extension. After the extension gets added, you can see the extension’s icon in the menu bar of the browser. 

Input any Email Address

Input the recipient’s email address who would receive the emails. This is where actually begins the forwarding procedure. After that, tap on the arrow icon which appears beside the options of regular email. At this point, you will be asked to “Sign in” for authorization. Tap “Sign in” and sign in to your Gmail account for authorizing the application.

Recipient Begins Receiving the Emails

Tap on the “Forward Emails”, the recipient will start receiving your emails in their inbox. Also, have patience as it will take a while to forward all the selected emails. When forwarding all the emails is done, a message will appear saying that the multi-forward is sent to all the recipients.


With the above steps, you can easily forward multiple emails on Gmail without any hassle. But, if in case there is any doubts or queries then you can state that through the comment section. For more tech-based articles you can follow our website.