Forgot Gmail Password? Here is How You Can Get It Back

Email is arguably the most common means of communication through the internet. And when it comes to email, Gmail is the most popular webmail service. 

Almost everybody has one or multiple Gmail accounts that they use for various purposes. Ranging from mailing for work to general usage and everything in between, you are going to get all the features necessary to have the best experience possible. 

The problem that can occur is when trying to open an account. You find out all of a sudden that you have forgot Gmail password. And because of that, you are not being able to log in to the account. 

Let us assure you that there is nothing that you should worry about. As you will be able to recover your Gmail account password without any hassle. In this article, we are going to show you how to recover Gmail password

Forgot Gmail Password? – What this Can Entail

This problem usually occurs due to using lots and lots of different accounts. It can be rather daunting to remember the authorization details for each and every account and it is problematic indeed. 

So, what would happen as a result is that you will not be able to login to any of the particular account if you forgot Gmail password. But this is not always the case and there can be other instances when you might need to take steps to recover your password. 

Now, you need effective recovery measures to get the lost/forgot password. Proceed to the next section to gain access to the requisite measures. 

How to Recover Gmail Password: Stepwise Guide 

Check out in this section, all the steps that you are going to need to recover the account password. 

Now, the process right here is going to require you to use your secondary account. So, make sure you have one before you move further with this process. 

  • Open up the Gmail login page from the web browser that you use. 
  • As you are on the login page, look for the Forgot password? Option. You are going to find it underneath the input section for the password. Click on that to start the process. 
  • From here on, you will have to undergo the necessary process for password recovery. Depending on the settings you had made during creating the account, you will have to answer a few questions. 
  • After that, there is going to be the verification through a secondary source. In this case that is going to be the secondary email address. 
  • So, by doing all of these things you will be able to verify yourself as the owner of that account. 
  • You will get the specific link to change the password after this as the Change Password option. 
  • Now, the process of changing the password is going to be as usual. First, you set the new password, then you confirm it in the following section. 

That brings us to the end of the steps that you will need if you forget your Gmail password. Make sure you have a good backup for the different passwords that you use. 


Now, after going through this article, you will be able to recover your Gmail password. If there are other things related to this that you want to find out then feel free to join in the comments section and post your question there. 

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