Unique Ways To Troubleshoot Windows Update Error 8024200D

Windows update error 8024200D is the most annoying error which may develop in your PC while performing an important task. Error code 8024200D mainly occurs while installing new update of service pack on a Microsoft Windows. While updating, if the process fails and soon the error code 8024200D appears on the system screen.

According to the users, the problem might appear when the system gets affected by a virus or malware. So, if the hardware driver is incompatible or it is damaged, there are high chances that the problem might arise. As a result, the user’s personal system runs very slow due to this issue.

So, if you are also getting the error code in your device, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some technical solutions in order to resolve the issue easily and you can easily update the Windows OS.

Ultimate Steps to Troubleshoot Windows Update Error 8024200D

Due to Windows update error 8024200D, you cannot find the sleep mode in your computer. Sometimes, the programs are not able to open normally. Moreover, some of the users have reported that defective or incomplete third-party applications are also responsible for the error code.

Therefore, to get rid of this situation, you should go through the following methods. Try these solutions that are mentioned in the upcoming section and apply them accordingly in order to solve the issue on the go.

Fix 1: Modify the Registry Editor

You should modify the registry editor in order to solve the Windows error code 8024200D. Therefore, follow the undermentioned methods to perform the action.

Step 1

At first, press the Windows button and R key at the same time to launch the Run window. After that, type “regedit” in the Run box and hit the Enter button to open the Registry Editor on your device.

Step 2

Now, move to the following location from the Registry Editor.


Step 3

Simply right-click on the folder, a list of the menu will appear on the system screen. Select New option from the list and click on the DWORD value. Then, change its value to 1 and hit the Enter button. Then, press the Apply option to save the value.

After successfully completing the steps, check if the problem still persists or not.

Fix 2: Turn-off the Third-Party Antivirus Program

Sometimes, the third-party antivirus program might responsible behind this error code 8024200D to occur. Hence, you need to turn off the antivirus software temporarily while updating the Windows OS. In order to disable it, go through the mentioned steps and apply them accordingly.

Step 1

First of all, you need to launch the antivirus software and then move to the Settings option. Now, locate the General section.

Step 2

In the General section, locate the Troubleshoot option. Here, you will find Disable the Antivirus option. Tick the checkbox to turn it off temporarily.

After that, try to update the Windows OS and check whether the problem gets resolved. Otherwise, you need to uninstall the software.

Fix 3: Run the System File Checker tool

If the above-mentioned solutions do not help you to resolve the Windows update error code 8024200D, then you can eliminate the error by running the SFC tool.

This is an in-built tool that comes with Windows. It will scan your device and identify for corruption in the system files and then restored them. To perform the action, walk through the steps mentioned in the underneath.

Step 1

At first, press the Start button and type “cmd” in the search bar and then hit the Enter button to open up the Command Prompt window.

Step 2

Now, right-click on the Command Prompt window and select the Run as an Administrator option to open the command window. Then, press OK to continue. Now, type “sfc/scannow” in the command box and hit the Enter button to launch this tool.

Step 3

It will automatically start to scan your device and find out the system files. After completing the process, close the Command Prompt window and check the status of the error code.

Fix 4: Remove the Windows Update Cache

Sometimes, the Windows update cache leads to the occurrence of the error. Hence, you need to delete them in order to fix. Windows frequently stored the updated files which are the main culprit behind the occurrence of this issue.

Therefore, to delete them, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

Primarily, press the Windows key and R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box. Now, type services.msc in the Run box and hit the Enter button to open up the Services window.

Step 2

Now, scroll down and right-click on the Windows update option. Now, choose the Stop option. After that, move to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and expand it by pressing the Enter button.

Step 3

Now, press the Ctrl + A together to select all the files that are present on that folder. Right-click on them and then select Delete from the list to remove them. Tap on the OK button to apply the changes.

Step 4

After that, you will be required to provide the Administrator permission. Now, right-click on the Windows update section and then click on the Start button. Lastly, check the error code still pop-up or not.

Fix 5: Verify the date and Time of the System 

Sometimes, the problem might occur if the date and time are not set properly of your device. Hence, you need to check the date and time of the system. If you found that it is set properly, then you need to set it accordingly to get rid of this situation. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

Firstly, press the Start button and then select the Control Panel section to open it up. From the Control Panel section, click on the Date and Time option.

Step 2

Now, in this section, you can modify the date and time. Select the appropriate time zone and region of your current location. After changing the date and time properly, try to update the Windows OS and check the problem gets resolved.

Fix 6: Check the Internet Connection

Another important factor that you need to concern about is to check the internet connection you are using. If you have used an unstable internet connection, then you might get this error code. Hence, you should check the internet connection correctly. If possible, check the modem and router to get the high internet speed.

Final Recommendation…

The solutions, that we have provided in the above section will surely help you in order to solve Windows update error 8024200D. In case you have any additional queries, simply post them in the comment section below without any hesitation. We will get back to you with the proper information and solutions.