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Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting: Quick solutions

Xbox One is the most used video gaming brand nowadays which provides the best quality features to its users. Even though it has great features, users can also encounter error sometimes. Many users are reporting that their Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting. It is one of the standard problems.

It will be a great idea if you take the help of an expert because dealing with such errors on your own may land you in trouble. So, better you seek the advice of the experts.

But if you are someone who wants to solve this problem on your own, then there are some generic solutions given in this article. Give a read.

Some Causes Of  Why Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

The Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting when the distance between the console and the controller is more than the set parameter. There should not be a larger distance in between them. Next possible reason might be the fragile battery. Sometimes if the battery is damaged or weak, then it may cause the controller to keep disconnecting. If you are using a wrong or outdated version of controller firmware, then this will create the same problem.

These are some of the common reasons why you get the issue of the Xbox One controller disconnecting.

Some specific solutions when the Xbox One controller Keeps Disconnecting

Now let us see some of the generic solutions to this problem.

  • The first method to solve the problem is to make the controller close to the console. Sometimes in the wireless connection if the controller is not close enough to the console, then it will keep disconnecting. To avoid such a connection problem, make sure that the controller is close to the console.
  • Next method is to replace the battery or recharge it. Sometimes the issue is with your battery system. If your battery is damaged then replace it with the new one or if it is not appropriately charged, then recharge it sufficiently so that you do not face the problem. You can view your battery status from the home screen.
  • You can do a power cycle to your console. To do this hold your Xbox button for 10 seconds. It will switch off your console. Now again tap on the Xbox button to turn it on. Try to connect the controller and see if it works.
  • Sometimes there might be a problem with the USB cable. If you are using any USB cable then first disconnect it from the system and after some time reconnect it.
  • You should also upgrade your controller firmware, as an outdated version of controller firmware leads to the connection problem. For this, you should go to the settings and then to the device and accessories. After that select the problem controller and choose the update option. It will update the controller firmware.

Doing all the above methods will resolve your issue but if still, the problem persists then you can contact our tech experts immediately.

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