How To Fix Windows Error Code 80070103: Easy Solution From Our Tech Experts

If you are getting the code 80070103 during installing Windows Updates, then you may not take it seriously. But, it can be annoying when you receive this error code after upgrading to Windows 10 and then updating the OS. For some users, this error can occur when they try to install a new driver, which is incompatible with their systems. When you get this error don’t panic, as it is technically not a serious threat to your system. Fortunately, this error is just a warning message and is solvable with technical fixes. Hence, check this article to know more about this Windows Update error and a few methods to troubleshoot these.

The Main Causes Of  Code 80070103

You can get code 80070103 message due to many reasons. This error is basically related to issues with Windows Updates and not to the Operating System. If you aren’t aware of the major causes, you can’t identify which solution will work to resolve this Windows update issue. So, let’s check out the causes first.

  • A faulty device driver can cause this problem in your system.
  • Duplicate driver updates for the same Windows device can generate this error code.
  • If your system is using a driver that is having a lower compatibility rating than the new updates, you can get the 80070103 error message.
  • An outdated device driver is one of the major cause of experiencing this issue in your Windows PC.
  • Some customers can face this problem while installing Service Pack 1 and Internet Explorer 9 or above in their devices.
  • If your driver is newer in comparison to the Windows update version, your system can produce this error code.
  • Some Windows 64-bit machines may generate this problem due to compatibility issues between the driver and device OS.

How Can You Resolve Error Code 80070103 In Simple Ways?

If you are looking for effective ways to get rid of code 80070103, go through these following steps.

Step 1 – Identify The Faulty Driver

To resolve this Windows error 80070103, you must figure out which driver is causing the problem. Hence, go to ‘Start Menu’ and type ‘Windows Update’ in the Search bar. Then look for ‘Check for updates’ and click on ‘View update history’ to know the list of updates installed on your system. So, you can select the failed driver update that is causing this error and proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Reinstall Driver Manually

There are two ways to perform a drivers update installation- manually and automatically. In the manual process, you can check out the driver manufacturer’s website for new products. Then download the required driver and install it on your PC. To save these changes, you have to reboot the device.

Step 3 – Use Hide Update Option

For customers who know that their PC device driver is not defective and working perfectly, there is no need to install the latest update. So, if the new update installation conflicts with the existing driver version, it can cause error code 80070103. To fix this error, you can hide the Windows Update and prevent further installation of driver updates. So, go to ‘Check for updates’ section under ‘Windows Update’. Then click on ‘Optional updates are available’ tab and select ‘Optional’. After this, right-click on ‘Select the updates you want to install’ and click on ‘Hide Update’ option.

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