Top-Notch Procedures To Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 43

Most of the Windows users have reported that they get Windows error code 43 on their PC when Windows fails to identify the device. It is one of the most frustrating errors of Windows system. This error code appears in almost all the version of Windows. It occurs with an error message “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems with the error code 43.”

Generally, this error message comes up when the graphics card is outdated. Due to the corrupted driver, an older version of the Operating System can also be another reason for this error. Sometimes, if the Bluetooth device stops working, then you may face this issue on the system. 

If you are also facing such an issue, then we can help you in every way to resolve this particular error code on the system. So, you can go through this article carefully and eliminate this problem immediately from your device. 

Top Procedures to get rid of Windows Error Code 43 on the System:

Here, in this section below, you will get to know all the necessary solving procedures that you can try on your PC to solve the Windows error code 43. Let’s try to follow the steps which are instructed below:

Procedure 1 – Update the Graphics Card Driver  

If you are using an older version of the graphics card driver, then you can see the error code 43 on Windows 10. So, you should update the graphics card driver properly and fix this issue as soon as possible. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Hold down the Windows button and at the same time press the X key to launch the WinX menu list. After that, choose the Device Manager application. 
  2. From the Device Manager window, find the Graphics card driver from the left side panel and then right-click on it. Then select the Update Software Driver button on the Menu list to start the update process.
  3. After completing the update process, reboot the system and then check if the problem still shows up or not. 

Procedure 2 – Uninstall the Graphics Card Driver and Install it Again

If the graphics card driver is corrupted or damaged, then this error code arises on your computer. So, you can simply remove the graphics card driver and install it again. To reinstall it, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. On the keyboard, press the Windows button + R key to open the Run dialog box. Type Device Manager and then hit the Enter button or click on the OK option. 
  2. When the Device Manager window opens, go to the left side panel list and locate the graphics card driver, right-click on it. After that, click on the Uninstall Device option to remove it.
  3. After removing this, you should install it again. To install the driver, open the Device Manager window and then select the Scan for hardware changes icon to install the driver. Now, the system will scan the system and then install it properly. 
  4. Once it is installed, restart the computer and then check if it works properly or not. 

Procedure 3 – Update the Operating System with the Latest Version 

An older version of the Operating System can also be responsible for this error code. Sometimes, updating the system can fix various problems that you have encountered on the system. So, upgrade the system and get this problem fixed as soon as possible. The following steps will help you to do so:

  1. Open the Settings window by pressing the Windows key and I button together. 
  2. From the Settings window, locate the Update & Security section, select it.
  3. In the Update and Security window, select the Update tab. After that, you will see the Check for updates button on the right window, click on it. Now, the system will check whether the update is available or not. 
  4. If yes, then you will get an Update option, select it to start the process.
  5. Once the task is completed, the system will automatically restart. 

Procedure 4 – Run Troubleshooter Tool

Running the troubleshooter tool can help you to get rid of this error code 43 on the system. To run this tool, follow the directions which are mentioned hereunder:

  1. Go to the Search box, type Settings and then hit the Enter button. 
  2. Double-click on the Update & Security section and then select the Troubleshoot tab.
  3. When the Troubleshoot window opens, scroll down the page and find the Bluetooth device, click on it and then select the Run the Troubleshooter button.
  4. Once the process finishes, restart the machine. 

Procedure 5 – Start the Bluetooth Support Service 

If the Bluetooth support service is not working, then you may receive this error code on the device. So, you have to start the service in order to get solved this issue. If you do not know how can you do that, then follow the steps cited below:

  1. From the keyboard, hold the Windows button and press the R key to launch the Run window. 
  2. Type Services.msc and then hit the Enter button or select the OK option.  
  3. From the Services window, find the Bluetooth support service, right-click on it and then choose the Properties button from that list.
  4. When the Properties window opens, go to the Startup type and set it to Automatic button. If the Bluetooth service is not working, then click on the Start button to start the service.
  5. After doing this, select the OK button to save it and then restart the machine. 

Procedure 6 – Remove the USB Controllers

Another procedure that we have shared to fix this error code on the system is to remove the USB controllers. To remove it, follow the steps instructed below:

  1. Press the Windows logo key and along with the R key to launch the Run window. Type devmgmt.msc and then press the Enter button or select the OK option. 
  2. When the Device Manager window opens, navigate to the left side panel and select the Universal Serial Bus Controller to expend it. Then right-click on the USB Composite adapter. 
  3. After that, select the Uninstall Device button to remove it. 
  4. Once it is removed, reboot your computer and then check if the error still occurs or not. 

Procedure 7 – Perform the System Restore

By performing the system restore, you can also get resolved the error code 43 on your computer. To do so, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Open the Run box by pressing the Win + R keys.
  2. Type rstrui.exe and then click on the OK button or hit the Enter key.
  3. When the Restore window opens, click on the Choose a different restore point that you want and then hit the Next option.
  4. After choosing this, click on the Finish button. Now the system restore process has begun. 
  5. Once it is done, restart your PC. 

Procedure 8 – Update the BIOS

By updating the BIOS on your PC, you can easily solve this problem on your computer. To do that, follow the steps described in this section:

  1. Type msinfo32.exe in the Run box and then select the OK button or press the Enter key.
  2. From the System Information window, find the BIOS Version/Date and check it.
  3. If the version is outdated, then you have to download it from the official website. So, go to the official website and download the latest version of the BIOS. 
  4. After downloading this, install it properly. Once the installation process is done, reboot your computer. 

We hope the above-mentioned procedures are enough to get rid of the Windows error code 43. With the help of these procedures, you will be able to fix this problem on the system. However, if you find any problems while performing the procedures, then you can leave a comment in the comment section below.