Fix Windows Error Code 0xc0000005 With The Effective Methods

Windows error code 0xc0000005 is one of the most prominent errors which is often encountered by most of the Windows users while installing the Operating System. Few users have reported that they see this error message while launching the new application on their system. 

There are various reasons for the occurrence of this issue. One of the most common reason is the corrupted or damaged registry files. Apart from that, low RAM, malware infection or hardware configuration also can be responsible for this error code. If the security software is installed on the system, then you might get this problem.  

If you are one of them who is suffering from this issue, then this article will give you all the information on how to eliminate this particular error. Here, in this article, we are going to share all the troubleshooting process for this error code. After performing this, you can easily solve this problem. 

Amazing Methods to Resolve Windows Error Code 0xc0000005:

Here, in this section, you will get some of the easy and effective methods which can help you to fix the Windows installation error code 0xc0000005 on the system. 

Method 1 – Uninstall the Security Software

Sometimes, the security software can prevent the Operating System from installing. So, you have to uninstall the security software from the system. If you want to know how can you uninstall it, then follow the steps shown below:

  1. Press the Windows button and I key to launch the Settings window. 
  2. When the Settings window opens, double-click on the Apps and then select the Apps and Features tab on the left side panel. 
  3. In the Apps and Features tab, scroll down the page and find the Security software, select it. After that, click on the Uninstall button to remove it.
  4. After completing the uninstallation process, restart the system. 

Method 2 – Turn Off Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

Data Execution Prevention is an inbuilt feature of Windows that can protect your computer from malware. But sometimes, some applications are not fit with this feature and thus, you get the error code 0xc0000005. So, you need to turn it off from the system. To disable it, follow the steps given below:

  1. On the keyboard, press the Windows button and R key to launch the Run box.
  2. Type sysdm.cpl and then hit the Enter key or click on the OK button. 
  3. When the System Properties window opens, move the cursor to the Advanced tab and then select the Settings button.
  4. In the next window, navigate to the Data Execution Prevention section and then tick on the Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select button. After that, select the Add button. 
  5. Next, you can look for the problematic executable (.exe) files and then select the OK button. Once you are done with these steps, restart your PC. 

Method 3 – Perform the SFC Tool 

SFC tool (System File Checker) is a Windows utility tool that enables the users to scan for damage Windows files and recover them. This guide explains how to perform the SFC tool so that, it will examine the corrupted Windows files and correct any corrupted or missing ones.

If the WRP (Windows Resource Protection) file is corrupted or damaged, Windows may not work as required. So, you need to run a full scan of your computer. The following steps will help you to do so:

  1. Press the Windows button and X key together to launch WinX Menu list and then choose the Command Prompt(Admin). 
  2. When the Command Prompt window opens, type SFC/scannow and then hit the Enter key to run this command. 
  3. After completing the scanning process, reboot your computer and then check if the error code still arises or not. 

Method 4 – Update the Driver 

Drivers which are the software applications assist the system to interact with the hardware connected to it. So, if the driver is outdated, then the hardware tends to generate glitches.

Updating the driver can help you out to get rid of this issue. To do that, follow the directions which are instructed below:

  1. Press the Windows key and S key to open the Search box. Type Device Manager and then hit the Enter button.
  2. From the Device Manager window, locate the Display Adapters, select it to expend it. 
  3. After that, right-click on the driver and then you will get an option Update Software Driver, click on it.
  4. After finishing the updating process, reboot the device and then check if the issue has been fixed or not. 

Method 5 – Run the CHKDSK 

Due to the corrupted driver, sometimes the error code 0xc0000005 occurs on the system. At this time, you need to try to run the CHKDSK utility to solve this problem. Go through these steps carefully:

  1. Open the Search box, type cmd and then right-click on the Search result. After that, select the Run as administrator.
  2. Type chkdsk X: /f /r in the Command Prompt window and then press the Enter button.
  3. Once it gets completed, restart the machine and then try to install the OS.

Method 6 – Perform the System Restore

This is an alternative method that you should use on your computer to eliminate the Windows error code 0xc0000005. So, you need to perform the system restore on the system. To perform this method, follow the steps cited underneath:

  1. Firstly, press the Windows button + S key to open the Search box. Type System Restore and then hit the Enter button. 
  2. When the System Properties window opens, take the mouse to the System Protection section and then select the System Restore button. 
  3. Now, you can see that the System Restore wizard page will appear. In that window, read the instruction carefully and choose the Restore point that you want and then select the Next button. 
  4. After choosing the Restore point, you need to complete the Restore process. Once the Restore process finishes, reboot your computer. 

Method 7 – Fix BCD

After performing the above-mentioned methods, if the error still persists, then you should use this method to eliminate this error on the system. To do so, follow the instructions given below:

  1. First of all, right-click on the Start icon to open the WinX menu list and then select the Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. When the Command Prompt window opens, write bcdedit and the press the Enter button. 
  3. Once the command executes, you need to again open the Command Prompt window and type the following commands and then hit the Enter button after typing each command.

                      Del D:\Windows\System32\xOsload.exe, Del D:\Windows\System32\xNtKrnl.exe, Del D:\Windows\System32\Drivers\oem-drv64.sys

                      attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s

                      ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old

                   bootrec /rebuildbcd

  1. Once it is done, check if the problem still appears or not. 

Hopefully, you can easily get rid of the Windows error code 0xc0000005 with the help of the above-mentioned methods. These methods are easy and effective so that you can fix this problem on your own. But, in any case, if you find any problems, then seek help from a technical expert. Moreover, you can also leave a comment in the comment section below.