Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004: Resolve Under Expert Supervision

Windows Defender is an updated version of Microsoft security essentials which is loaded with advanced security features. Being the only built-in essential security program, it has its own set of parks. But, during the course of use, you may face certain technical glitches. Windows Defender error code  0x80004004 is one such error that users repetitively facing while working. To be certain, there could be a  number of reasons for the security software malfunctioning. However, the primary reason can be while trying to turn off or on the Windows Defender.

Although the error codes are quite difficult to decode, fortunately, the fixing the issue is nothing impossible. So, we are addressing the issue, along with the probable reasons and fixes. But, before straightaway going to the solution, knowing the problem you are dealing with would be a good idea. As proper understanding surely help you analyze the problem better.

Take a glance at the reasons listed below, see if you can find out the probable reasons that might be acting badly.

Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004: Causing Factors

  • There can be a fault in the operating system which might lead to the occurrence of the error code in Windows.
  • Misconfiguration in the Microsoft security essentials might trigger the Windows Defender 0x80004004 error.
  • Due to Malware and virus attacks, you may sometimes encounter technical glitches.
  • If you continuously try to enable and disable the Windows Defender, then Windows Defender error code 0x80004004 won’t be an alien to you.

These are the crucial situations where you can encounter the Windows Defender error code. However, there are other reasons for the problem as well, but these are the principal ones.

You can try to fix the issue on your own, but without a prior technical knowledge, you might end up doing some serious damage to your system. To suppress the fact, you can try these below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue on your own.

How To Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004?

These are easy to follow steps to overcome the error code 0x80004004: Following the same should resolve the issue, in case you fail to follow the instructions then talk to our experts for further advanced assistance.

Step 1:

First, you will have to open the control panel. Now you will have to change the view. It is recommended to get better results by switching to the icon view.

Step 2:

Now tap on the Windows Defender icon. Next, navigate to the settings option. From the left panel, select the administrator option. If you have enabled the Windows Defender in the past, it will appear as marked. All you need to do is uncheck the box and disable the Windows Defender.

Step 3:

Now save the new changes. If the user access control asks you for permission, then you will have to put your password and press on the enter key. Now, click on Yes option. Once you have done all the necessary changes and saved it, you can finally disable the Windows Defender.

Get In Touch With The Experts For Further Assistance

You can contact the professionals at Windows Support and let the tech experts know about the issues, to solve them entirely. If you are looking for a trustworthy service provider, to guide you with the most reliable technical assistance. Undoubtedly you can contact our experts at Microsoft support. Furthermore, you can reach to the officials via various modes of communication.

Place a call to talk to the experts, at the toll-free helpline number +1-855-334-7340 of Microsoft support. You can also drop your service request at the official email ID [email protected]. You will get the desired solutions in just a flicker of time. Moreover, you can also opt for live chat option. All you need to do, share the error details and get the solution right in your chat box.