Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen: Quick Solution In Just One Call

Windows 10 uncovers new additions and innovations which makes it better than ever. It is upgrading its features to minimize the error code occurrence. However, if you have recently upgraded to Windows 10, then you may end up with a primary issue regarding the Taskbar. It may suddenly become unresponsive or get frozen. It generally occurs if the Windows files get corrupted during the upgrade process. To help you with technical glitches including Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen issue, you may go through this article. We hope that at the end of the document, you will be able to sort the issues even if you are not tech savvy.

Basic Glitches behind Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen Error

There are countless reasons that can result in Windows 10 error. Here you get the insight of the general causes that can generate error codes on a daily basis. Have a look:

  • Your system might get infected with a trojan which might be hindering the user interface in Window.
  • If you are rushing with the installation processes, then there might be an incomplete download which is preventing Windows to function accurately.
  • Often, if you keep on clicking various unwanted ads while browsing, then it can generate inadvertent installation of possibly undesired programs.
  • Presence of malware or virus in your system file can also block you from using the Windows Taskbar.

How To Fix Frozen Taskbar Windows 10?

You can go through the step by step measures to mitigate the Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen error message.

Solution 1: Restart Windows Explorer

This is the most common process that can help you sort the issues. But this fix is related to the device type and performance.

To carry out the process, you need to press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together. This will launch the Task Manager. Now, locate explorer.exe on the tab and End its Task. Then close Explorer and run it through File > Run new task. Enter the command explorer.exe and confirm your action by clicking OK.

Verify if the error message reappears. If it does, then you should go to the subsequent step as mentioned below.

Solution 2: Run System Restore

You need to navigate through the steps as Windows Key + R and enter the command ‘sysdm.cpl’ and select the Enter. Now, you have to choose the System Protection tab and go to the System Restore. Pick the desired System Restore point by hitting Next. Finally, you have to follow the on-screen prompts and reboot the system in order to resolve Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen error.

Solution 3: Disable Recent Open Item

You can also carry out this process, to help you on the go. You need to right-click on the Desktop screen and choose the Personalize tab. Then select Start and turn off the toggle for all the recently opened items. Lastly, reboot your computer and check for the error message.

Solution 4: Create a New User Account

Often, the error can have an association with your old user account. It might have a corrupt file due to malicious program interference. To create a new account, you have to press Windows Key + I key to open Settings. Then click on Accounts option and Family & other people tab. Select Add someone else under the downlist of other people. Add a user and type in the username and password for your new account. Lastly, confirm your action by clicking Next. As soon as your new user account gets created, check if the Windows Taskbar is working or not.

Are you still facing the Windows 10 taskbar frozen issue? Then you must appoint professional guidance to mitigate the problem at the earliest.

Get In Touch With Windows Support 24×7

You only require a few clicks to get in contact with the reliable tech guidance from Windows Support. The tech support team comprised of professionals who have the experience in dealing with all types of Windows related issues. You can choose to post a question or directly mail your issues. The experts promise to revert you back in a flicker of time.

Otherwise, you can choose to mitigate the issue by talking to the experts through 24×7  Windows helpline number +1-855-334-7340. You can even opt for the live chat portal which can also provide you with instant solutions in no time and at a cost-effective price.