Fix For Windows 10 Surround Sound Not Working: Connect With Our Tech Support

With every Windows Update, you get to experience an innovative feature and great performance. However, despite its recommendable tech facilities and significant updates, it brings along a number of technical glitches. Windows users have reported that the most common breaches are related to the audio configuration. If you encounter such an issue then you might be unable to play videos or use certain apps. In case, you are unable to hear anything from your peripheral speakers then you might be encountering, Windows 10 surround sound not working error.

Here, in this article, you can find the ways you can fix Windows 10 surround sound not working.

Why Windows 10 Surround Sound Not Working: Probable Causes

Before going to the quick hacks, you must understand the root cause of the issue. This will help you to prevent the problem in the future.

  • One of the most crucial cause can be, you do not have an audio driver installed on your computer.
  • Your system files might be infected with the virus due to unwanted instalments.
  • If you are using any third party antivirus, then it might be interfering with your device driver.
  • If you are using an updated windows version but not the driver, then it can conflict with your OS files and lead to error issues.
  • Other basic reason can be that your peripheral sound box has suffered any kind of potential hardware damage.

How To Enable 5.1 Sound In Windows 10?

You can follow the below steps to check the sound settings and fix the Windows 10 surround sound not working error with ease:

Solution 1: Check The Speakers

The most basic thing is to check whether your speakers are functioning accurately. First, you need to click right on the speaker icon that you can notice at the in the corner of your Windows desktop.

Then navigate through the process: playback devices> correct speakers>configure. When the configuration tab opens, you need to verify the settings and then select the proper speakers. Finally, click on the property menu and then choose the Enhancements.

Now, test the Speaker Fill.

Solution 2: Enable Speaker Fill

If your Speakers are working accurately then you must change the settings and enable enhancements and Speaker Fill. This will instantly fix the issue if you are struggling with the 5.1 channels. What you need to do to is enable speaker Fill by, first pressing the Windows key + R. Then in the command box, type “mmsys.cpl” and hit enter.

You will notice that the Sound dialogue box opens. Now, go to the Playback tab and select your 5.1 surround speakers. Finally, open the Properties tab and go to  Enhancement.

Now, you need to uncheck the box for Disable sound effects and check the box for Speaker Fill. Save the configuration by confirming your action.

Reboot your device to verify whether you can hear any sound from the speakers. if the error persists, then move over to the next solution.

If your still not getting signal on your speakers and Windows 10 surround sound not working error messages appears continually, then you have searched for a reliable service provider for help. Search for professional help to ease your work and fix the error without any further annoyance.

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