Windows 10 Store Won’t Open- Effective Solutions To Follow

Windows Store is an online marketplace that provides you with the latest apps which are very useful for your day to day working. Its another name is Microsoft Store. It enables you to download certain expensive apps at free. Therefore, you cannot access those apps if Windows 10 Store won’t open. So to use Microsoft store, it is necessary to know why Microsoft Store won’t open windows 10. This article gives you a brief description of this particular matter to help you fix the issue at the soonest.

Why Windows 10 Store Won’t Open?

These are some of the basic reasons behind the Windows 10 Store issue. Take a look at them to know the exact cause of the error.

  • Windows Store may not open due to the local cache of Windows Store in the C directory.
  • Conflicts in the Operating System can corrupt Windows Registry and prevent your computer from opening Windows Store.
  • You can face this problem if your Operating System does not have the latest updates.
  • If virus or malware enter your PC, they can lead to internal glitches. As a result, Windows 10 Store won’t open.
  • Temporary bug in the current version of Windows can block your computer from opening Windows Store.
  • The problem can also arise from the DNS server.
  • Microsoft Store won’t open if your system is running low on storage space.
  • Windows Store may not open if the problematic apps in the Microsoft Store fail to function correctly.

Methods To Fix Windows 10 Store Won’t Open Problem

Below are the most potential solutions which you can try out to solve this issue.

Delete the local cache

Delete all files and folders in the local cache. Replace the username with the actual username you have set for your computer. After completing the process, try to restart the App Store. If you still cannot open the Windows Store, then move on to the next method.

Change The DNS Address

Go to ‘Control Panel’ and open network connections. Then right-click on the network you are using and select ‘Properties’. Then choose an alternate and a preferred DNS Server address and save the changes. If you observe any change in your internet connection, reset all settings to their default.

Increase The Storage Space

Lack of storage memory can create several problems with Windows. Therefore, remove all the unnecessary apps and programs from your PC. Transfer the multimedia files and store them on an external storage device.

Scan your system

Run a full scan of your PC for a malicious program. If it detects any sign of virus or malware, then use an antivirus or antimalware to eliminate them. Scanning the device can always turn out to be the best option for you to resolve any Windows 10 error.

Update Windows Store

In case you have not updated Windows Store in recent days, it can create such vulnerabilities on your system. Open Windows Store App and click on ‘Downloads and Updates.’ Then select ‘Updates’ to upgrade Windows Store to the latest version.

Reinstall The Problematic App

Select ‘Apps and Features’ and let your PC search for the problematic app. After that, right-click on the app that is making the trouble in Windows and chooses the ‘Uninstall’ option to remove it. Restart your system and open Windows Store. You can reinstall that application again after Windows Store starts working fine.

Check The Date, Time, and Country Settings

Under the ‘Settings’ tab, choose ‘Time and Language’ and select the automatic time zone feature on your PC. Similarly, choose ‘Country’ and select your country name. This helps you keep your PC updated as per your region.

Repair Windows Registry

If the problem lies in the corrupted Windows Registry, you have to repair them as soon as possible. You can download any tool from the internet to repair your registry. But be cautious about the reliability of the tool before using it.

Update The Operating System

Search for the pending updates for your Operating System and install them automatically on your PC. Then reboot your system and retry to open the Windows Store. The latest Windows updates have come along with several fixes that can troubleshoot this issue as well.

Get In Touch With Microsoft Support For Additional Help

If you have any query regarding any of the solutions mentioned in this article, then contact our Microsoft Support. Besides this, if none of the solutions is capable of fixing why Windows 10 Store won’t open, then register your problem with us. We have software specialists equipped with the use of latest technologies to deal with Windows related issues. Therefore, dial our Customer Support Number +1-855-334-7340 or mail us at [email protected] to request our service.