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Windows 10 not Responding: Get Expert Solution

‘This is getting extremely frustrating. Ever since I downloaded Windows 10 I’ve been getting smashed by unresponsive programs and Windows 10 not responding issues.’

Is the situation you are going through are just same as one of the Windows 10 user reported in Microsoft Support forum? Then my article will surely help you fix it. As you go through, you will get some proper tips and tricks to solve Windows 10 not responding issue on your computer.

Windows 10 not Responding

Your Windows 10 OS might get hanged because of corrupted files, viruses and disk fragmentation. The problem can be categorized in two ways:

  1. Windows 10 not Responding after startup
  2. Windows 10 Programs not responding

Fix – Windows 10 not Responding After Startup

Here you go follow this steps to fix the Windows not responding issue:

Run a Full Virus Scan

Run a full virus scan to ensure that your computer is not affected by any virus, spyware or bot infections. A malware can cause your Windows PC hanged and frozen. Open your anti-malware software and scan your PC.

Well, before scanning update the antivirus with the latest malware definitions. Wait for the scan to complete and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Defragment Your Computer Hard Drive

Another step you can follow is to try to defragment your hard drive. Perform the steps given below

  • In the Windows search box on the taskbar that is in Cortana type defrag
  • From the result, Select Defragment and Optimize Drives
  • Select the disk drive you want to optimize
  • Select the Optimize button

This will fix the problem if it was due to a fragmented hard drive. If the problem is still intact follow further steps.

Run The System File Checker

System file checker is a utility built that you get with your Windows Operating System. It can easily detect the problem associated with system file corruption.

Follow the steps below to run the System File Checker:

  • Go to Start and there type CMD
  • Now Right Click and run as an administrator
  • Here you have called an elevated command prompt
    Here to verify and repair the OS type ‘sfc /scan now
    Or to only check the problem type ‘sfc /verify only

Now, you just need to run this steps a few times to fix all your problem. After successfully running Windows System File Checker you will receive one of these three error messages:

Windows did not find any integrity violations

Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them

Windows Resource Protection found files which are corrupted but was not able to fix some of them

Got the third one? Then your problem is not going to solve easily. Don’t burn out your hand trying extraneous steps to fix the issue.

It will only waste your time and it can even cause damage to your computer. Rather get help from the experts. Call Windows Support Number and find some easy fixes for your problem.

Windows 10 Programs not responding – Easy Fixes

Facing unresponsive programs after installing the Windows 10 update? The truth is you are not the only person concerned about this issue. Even I have faced the same on my Windows 10 computer.

Here I have enlisted some of the tried methods. Take a look and get the problem resolved.

Close the Unresponsive Program

It is just a matter of a few seconds. Open the task manager using the keyboard shortcuts and end the unresponsive program. This will temporarily solve the problem.

Windows 10 not Responding

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del from your Keyboard
  • Now from the list Click on ‘Start Task Manager’ Option
  • Then, Select the program you want to end
  • And finally, Click End Task button

Restart Your Computer

Simply Restart your computer if you are thrashed with an unresponsive program on Windows 10. Press the following keyboard shortcut to restart your computer.

Press the Alt + F4 key followed by the Enter Button; This will turn off your computer. Manually turn it on again. The problem will be fixed temporarily.

Uninstall The Program Causing Problem

Uninstall the program which becomes unresponsive. Go to Control Panel, then select add or remove a program. From the list of the program find the one causing the issue. Right click on it and Select Uninstall program.

Windows 10 not Responding – Quickest Fix

The easiest and quickest resolution you can try to solve the issue is getting in touch with the experts. Call at the toll-free number +1-855-334-7340  of Windows Support they will expel all the problem you are facing on Windows 10. Microsoft certified technicians available there can give you the solution instantly.

In conclusion, I must accept most of the steps above can solve your problem temporarily. And many of fixes are time-consuming as well. To get real-time assistance with your problem visit Microsoft Support portal and talk to the chat assistants available there.

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