Fix Windows 10 Destination Folder Access Denied Easily

You may encounter the issue of Windows 10 destination folder access denied, while trying to copy some files in a specific folder. So, if you are getting this message on your device screen, it indicates that the request to access that specific destination is canceled. Hence, it is mandatory to acquire ownership of the file or folder that you want to open. In this article, you will get information on this folder access issue along with a few effective methods to resolve this document permission error. To fix this Windows 10 error in a professional manner, you can contact Microsoft Support for the best solutions.

What Causes Windows 10 Destination Folder Access Denied Error?

In case the file or folder for which you need permission to open is in another user’s account, you may receive this Windows 10 destination folder access denied message. The reason is due to the admin blocking requests from an unauthorized individual, to view its details due to privacy concerns. So, if you want to know what’s inside a specific file or folder, then you will require ownership rights to study and modify the content.

Most users are facing this error while accessing folders in multi-user based account systems. So, in such cases, you can view the files and folders on your screen but you won’t have the permission to modify it. This is when the error occurs and restricts to view and edit the destination folders. Hence, the only way to check the files and data in those specific destinations is by acquiring ownership to view and modify it.

Procedure To Access Files With Ownership Permissions

You must utilize the administrator account for logging into Windows and search for files and folders that you want to take ownership of. Then, go to ‘Properties’ under the target folder and locate the ‘Security’ tab. Now, use the ‘Advanced’ option for accessing the folder.

If the destination folder access denied message persists, there can be trouble during transferring ownership to view the files. To resolve this issue of ‘no permission to access’, follow the segment given below to fix it. You can also get in touch with our Microsoft Support professionals to fix this access blocked error.

Methods To Fix Windows 10 Destination Folder Access Denied

Apply the following methods to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Method 1- By using the Command Prompt to acquire ownership

Use the Command Prompt option to specify the folder or files location that you need to access. You have to mention the full path name of the folder to point out its accurate location before requesting ownership.

Method 2- By installing takeownership.rar

You can install registry file to take ownership and access rights for viewing files in folders. If you are using Windows 10, use this tool to request authority and gain access to your folders of interest. This method is effective to fix this ‘no permission’ error and will help you get the authorization quickly.

Method 3- By taking ownership manually

Customers can manually acquire ownership of specific folders using the ‘Properties’ option. You just have to go to the ‘Advanced’ button and seek permission by changing the Owner status.

Connect With Microsoft Support For Instant Help

If you are having trouble accessing important documents due to Windows 10 destination folder access denied error, contact our technicians at Microsoft Support. Resolve the folder access issue by directly talking to our customer support team using the Microsoft Support Helpline Number at  +1-855-334-7340  You can also interact with our troubleshooters via the live chat portal or email at [email protected] whenever you want.