WiFi Authentication Problem – 5 Ways To Fix This Error

Are you facing the WiFi authentication problem currently? Then, you can easily note that this problem brings along with it a lot of other issues. 

Many of the apps and systems that you use today require a high-speed internet connection. So, if you are not having the WiFi signal, then you will not be able to use any of those things. 

If you are facing a situation like this, then do not worry as you will be able to fix it all by yourself. 

Any and every technical instruction that you are going to need to do that, you are going to find all of that, right here in this article. You will also get some other necessary information. 

When you finish going through this article and applying all the steps that we listed, you would have fixed the Wifi authentication problem in no time whatsoever. 

So, without any further ado, let us go ahead and start laying out all that information. 

Probable Causes of a WiFi Authentication Problem 

Let us first have a discussion regarding all the possible reasons that you might face this problem. As if you have all that information, then you are going to get 2 very important benefits. 

The first benefit is all the adverse technical issues that you will be able to avoid. With a good understanding of the WiFi authentication problem, you can work around all of that. Thus, you will be able to make the best out of your efforts. 

As for the other benefit which you will have, it is the ease with which you will understand the instructions. 

Truth be told, the instructions in the solution section are really technical. As such it can be really difficult for a non-tech savvy person to understand. But knowing the possible reasons behind this issue will help you with that. 

So, we have covered all that information here in this section. 

  • If there is a duplicate of the wireless access point, then that is going to interfere with the original one. In that case, you are definitely going to face this authentication problem with the access point that you use. 
  • Another very critical thing with WiFi signals is the configuration of the wireless network. Any mismatch in that aspect is going to cause an authentication problem. As a result of which you will not be able to access that signal in any way. 
  • For virus attacks on the system, a lot of corrupt system files are going to come up in the system. These will also cause problems with proper authentication to the wireless signal access point. 
  • Other than direct issues with the WiFi from the system, there might just be some issues with the device that you are trying to connect. 

So, these are the primary causes of this issue. 

How you can Fix the WiFi Authentication Problem in a Stepwise Manner 

So, after discussing the main technical problems behind this WiFi authentication issue, it is time to take a look at all the solutions and measures that you can adopt. 

If you can try and identify the exact cause of this issue in your case, then things will be a lot simpler as you can apply the solution for that straight away. We have covered all the solutions to the WiFi authentication problem that is available. 

Check for Duplicate Access Points 

A simple scenario that can occur is if you connect to a wrong signal access point, very likely it is going to have a similar name to the one you have. But the connection information will be different and that is where the issue is going to root from. 

In that case, you will positively face the WiFi authentication problem

You will have to identify any such network or network that is coming up in the list of signals. So that the next time that you try to connect to your WiFi network, you will not face the exact same issue. 

Another thing you can do to simplify the process is to just change the name of your access point altogether. To do that, you can go to the Control section of the wireless network. Use the web browser to open it up and after logging in, you can make all the necessary changes. 

Make sure to restart the network device to apply all the changes that you have made. 

Alter the Network Configurations 

It is a conflict among the IP addresses that can cause this problem and is a rather common scenario. 

To fix this, you will have to change the settings for the wireless network, well modify them to be precise. Check out the process that is going to help you do just that. 

  1. Take your Android smartphone and go to the Settings section and tap on the WiFi to expand that. 
  2. Look for the network which is showing the authentication problem and hold on to it for some time. From here you will get the Modify Network option in a list. 
  3. You will find a box next to it which is for the Advanced Options section. Open up the IP settings from here, and alter the setting from DHCP to Static. You will get to see a field for the IP address there. 
  4. Collect the necessary information from there and remove all of it from there. After that, type in all that information separately again into the respective fields. Save all the changes from there. 

Thus, you will be able to alter the configurations of the network settings. After this, try to connect to the WiFi access point and see if it is working or not. 

Activate the Airplane Mode once 

Sometimes, you can make use of the Airplane Mode feature to fix the problem at hand. Here are all the steps that you are going to need to accomplish that. 

  1. Open the Quick Settings section from your Android smartphone and switch off the network from there. 
  2. As you turn that off, enable the Airplane Mode from the Common Settings section. 
  3. Now, keeping the Airplane Mode active, turn On the networks once again. You will have to do it from the same section as before. 
  4. Now, check if you are able to connect to the WiFi again or not. 

This is very likely going to fix the issue for you, but if this does not do the trick, then just go for the next solution from this list. 

Reset all the Network Settings 

If there are some issues with the Network settings that you are not being able to pinpoint exactly, then the best way to go for that is going to be to reset all the settings that are there. 

Here is the step by step process to reset all the network settings that you have currently. 

  1. Go to the Settings section once again and this time, look for the Backup & Reset option. Tap on it to open it up. 
  2. In that section, find your way to the Network Settings Reset option in that menu and tap on it. 
  3. Here, you are going to find the Reset Settings option which you are going to find somewhere around the bottom. 
  4. This is going to initiate the process of reset and you will have to give it the necessary time. 

As that is over, just restart your phone which is going to apply the reset once and for all. Make sure you have all the necessary backup if you want to revert to the old settings. 

Update the Device Software 

Issues with the device include mainly the lack of latest updates for the system. And if you see that you do not have the latest updates for the device you are trying to connect, then in that case, if you install the latest updates.

This might fix this WiFi authentication problem. Here is the process which will help you do just that. 

  1. Open up the settings section from your mobile device once again. And once you are in there, go to the About Phone section near the bottom of the list. 
  2. Under this section, look for the System Updates option and tap on it as you find it. 
  3. That is going to start the process of update, first with the download and then the installation. 
  4. Then as all of that is complete, the device will restart by itself. 

After the device powers On, check if you are now being able to connect to the WiFi access point. 


So, here you have all the methods that will help you fix the WiFi authentication problem. If you happen to have some kind of question then you can get the answers for that from the comments section. 

As there are a lot of people who might have faced that exact same issue and they might be able to help you with that, better than almost anybody.