Task Host Window Preventing Shutdown Windows 10: Quick Tips To Solve

Task Host is a particular Windows program and it is nothing to do with virus and malware. So there is nothing to worry. Whenever you switch off your system, the Task Host application closes all the past applications that were operating in your machine to prevent it from unnecessary data and program corruption. Technically it is advised to shut all the applications before undertaking a reboot step. But there might be cases that Task Host prevents booting operation. During that time you face Task host window preventing shutdown Windows 10, error.

This error can be a result of multiple causes. But, the primary reason is corrupt files on Windows. Moreover, the good thing is that you can solve the issue quickly and there is nothing to worry and do not take a headache. Additionally, you can communicate with Microsoft Support for further assistance

Is Task Host Window Preventing Shutdown Windows 10? Know The Reasons

  • There can be an error due to corrupt files in Windows which may result into this error.
  • If the hybrid shutdown or fast startup operation is enabled, then also sometimes you may face the particular issue with the Task Host.
  • There can be an error with the Windows registry which may be responsible for the Task Host issue in Windows 10.
  • There can be problems due to malware and virus infection which may sometimes cause the issue.

These are the reasons why you are facing Task host window preventing shutdown Windows 10 problem. However, there may be other reasons behind the issue, but you must first focus on the primary and crucial reasons to understand the question. Take a look at the causes to know what effect can it cause. In addition, get in touch with the experts to procure the respective solutions.

Is Task Host Window Preventing Shutdown Windows 10? Solve It Now

Take the help of the following key measures which will be beneficial for you to solve the issue fast:

Step 1: Resolve All The Corrupt System Files

You can take the help of the Reimage Plus software to repair all the corrupted system files and data. You will get to download the application and you find it on the internet. After downloading and installing the application try to run the app and fix all the corrupted file errors. If this method does not work out well for you, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Turn Off The Fast Startup And Hybrid Shutdown Mechanism

To turn off the hybrid shutdown or fast startup mechanism you need to go through some key steps:

  1. First press the Windows+R key together and launch the run box.
  2. Now you will have to type “powercfg.cpl ” in the run box.
  3. Select the “Choose what the power button does” option from the left side.
  4. Now you will have to change the currently available settings.
  5. Finally, save the changes and click on the OK button to end the task.

Get In Touch With Reliable Tech Support Team

If you are desperately searching for a trustworthy and friendly service provider who can give you effective tech assistance regarding Task host window preventing shutdown Windows 10, you can contact the experts at Microsoft support team without a second thought. Furthermore, you can seek expert advice via multiple communication channels which are active 24*7.

You can dial Windows helpline number +1-855-334-7340 provided by Microsoft support to get instant tech hacks which are quick and equally effective. Also, you can drop a mail at their mail ID. Additionally, if you wish you can also opt for the live chat option to communicate with the engineers of Microsoft support team who can deliver you tech solutions 24*7.