Know Why Skype Notification Won’t Go Away | Resolve It Now

Skype is a globally preferred telecommunication application which specializes in audio and video chatting features. Despite, being the most simple and top-grade of the apps in its niche, the software is far from being absolutely perfect. The Skype users often encounter issues on their Windows device with an alert stating Skype notification won’t go away.

The error notification with Skype often leads to the freezing of the app and it also refuses to read a message or call notification. As a result, the users end up getting an unexpected alert indicating the Skype notification error.

However, we have come up with some ultimate hacks that can fix the glitch instantly. So, before you opt to chat with our support agents, we suggest you go through our top-trending solutions.

Fix Skype Notification Won’t Go Away In Easy Steps

There are several aspects for which the Skype notification won’t go away from your Windows PC even after you read the message/call notification. The red dot on the Skype icon for an indefinite time period(the red dot indicates an unread notification) is another instance of the issue.

The efficient fixes for the Skype notification fault are quite easy and straightforward. Mostly, re-logging into the Skype account fixes the issue with your Skype.

Solution I: Try Re-Logging Into Skype Account

The handy workaround for the Skype Notification Won’t Go Away alert is to re-sign into your Skype client. Just like all the other applications, Skype has a feature of storing bugs and incorrect configurations.

Once you re-logging into your Skype client, the app will automatically reset its configurations and will load the app data. Hence, get your problem sorted with the instructions given below:

You can only use this solution if you have the necessary credentials which the system may request from you before logging into the account.

First of all, initiate the Skype client. Then select the Menu tab (which comes as three dots)located near the top of the window. Finally, sign out from the account by clicking on the Sign Out tab.

The account will confirm the logout through a small window prompt. Click Sign Out and continue.

Now, further sign into Skype account using your data credentials. Request any of your friends to deliver you any random text for a test.

Check if the fault with your Skype account still exists on your Windows device or not.

Solution II: Skype Sign-In Through Default Browser

It is another reliable technique which has helped many people to fix why Skype notification won’t go away. Log into your Skype account through your device default browser.

You may also opt for logging into the Skype web client. The web client also works in the similar way of letting you log into your account without the traditional software.

A window will prompt after you navigate to the Skype web client. The logging process may take some time, so be patient with that. Once you are done the signing in, request any of your friends to send you a text message.

Then check if the Skype notification goes away or not even after you tick the message as “Read”. In case of a negative outcome, help yourself with the third solution below.

Solution III: Skype App Update

If your Windows device contains the older version of the Skype app, it is advisable to immediately upgrade the software to its latest version. Windows has a facility of providing update notification for itself and also for the other apps present in your PC.

So, it is necessary to keep a regular check of the available updates for Skype on your PC. Ensure that you upgrade the Skype app to its recent version only.

Now, end up the process by receiving a text message from any of your friends to confirm whether the glitch has vanished.

Contact Skype Customer Support

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You may either place a call at the Microsoft Support helpdesk at
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