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skype not sending messagesSkype is people’s number one choice when it comes to making smooth voice and video calls. Apart from that, Skype has other exciting features like group calls, video conference, call forwarding, Skype calls to landlines and, etc. Skype helps you connect with your friends, colleagues and all that you need to be in touch with, in a jiffy. However, the application does not seem to be free from glitches. For instance, the Skype Not sending messages. Because of this flaw, you will not be in a position to use the app seamlessly.  You will not be able to post messages or receive files rendering the app useless. But, you can always get it solved with the help of Technical solutions team of Skype.  

If you have a tech issue with Skype, our tech support team is there to find a cure.

Skype Not Sending Messages Windows 10| Critical Issues

Skype is widely used by users all over the world every single day but that does not make it free from problems. Errors and glitches are a common part and can affect work anytime. These are some common problems a user often face when accessing Skype account.

  • Problems with outgoing messages
  • Error notifications like “Skype shows a fatal error” when trying to attach images or audio files.
  • When the files size is more than the specified range.

Sometimes, the Wifi signalling issue may create the crosstalk in a Skype. So, if your Wifi or Internet connection sluggish, immediately contact your ISP for a fast fix.

Many times, your Skype app doesn’t respond in real-time failing to send or receive messages. If you are not tech-savvy, you can connect with us for technical help. While you can’t send the message from your Skype account, you may change the username and try to post the text again.

Again, the best way to remove the Skype error is to reset your Skype app. If you fail to do, you may get in touch with us without any hesitation for a quick solution. Furthermore, our technical support team for Skype is expert enough to fix issues like Skype not sending messages Windows 10.

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Solution 1:

Re-logging Your Skype

First, open your Skype account through your Skype username and password.

Now, after successfully sign-in your account, you can see three dotted in the upper section of that Skype Window.

Then, click on it and here you get a drop-down list. From there, choose Signout option to log out your account.

Finally, re-open your Skype account and check whether you can send message smoothly or not.

Solution 2:

Reset Skype

First, Press Windows+S from a keyboard and you will get a dialogue box. Now, type Settings into the field and click OK to open the “Settings” application Window.

Secondly, select the sub-headings “Apps” and you will get an entire list of the installed programs and applications. Here, you will select “Skype” from the list and choose “Advanced options”.

Thirdly, another Window will open on your desktop. Finally, choose the “Reset” option and you can see that the Skype will reset automatically. After successfully logged off, re-open your Skype account.  

skype not sending messages

Solution 3:

Remove Classic Type

If you are using the Classic type Skype account, you may face some of the difficulties which create conflicts in logging your Skype account. You may follow the steps below.

First, press Windows +R from your keyboard for getting the Run dialogue box. Here, you may type “appwiz.cpl” in the text field of the dialogue box and tap the OK button to open your installed app list.

Secondly, choose the “Skype Classic” option and select “Uninstall” by right-clicking on it.

Finally, restart your system and open the Skype app to verify that you can send the message or not.

Solution 4:

Refresh and Recheck Skype App

First, open your Skype account and choose the messaging field of any of your contacts.

Now, write down the command  “/dumpmsnp” in the text box and send it. You may get details about the status of your system as a reply message.

Secondly, type the command “/MSNP24” in that message dialog box again but now you will not get any reply. So, restart your app.

Finally, type another command “/remotelogout” in the message text box and send it again. Now, check whether you can send a message without any conflict or not. If you are facing the same error, you may restart your system and recheck again.

If you are still struggling with Skype error, you may get in touch with us for a permanent fix.

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