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Skype is a console of instant messaging as well as a video and audio data delivery app. It provides a hassle-free service for sending or receiving text messages and also serves as an excellent calling and chatting platform simultaneously. Beside its superiority, it is not free from the significant technical glitches like other online software or application. Sometimes, if you see that your instant app is not working, you may encounter vital issues due to Skype not responding problem. However, don’t worry, our technical help for Skype is knowledgeable enough to repair this fault with technical assistance.

Skype Not Responding Windows 10 | Severe Issues

While you are sending any message to your friends or family members, you may notice, that you have written your letters into the text field, but not posted. Moreover, your Skype app is frequently freezing. Although you are trying several times, the same things happen repeatedly.  Then, it becomes an irritating issue for you!

Another problem that you may often face to make a voice call is when you can’t talk to the other persons due to Skype errors or freezing problems in your Skype. There you might also find some call continuity issues.

Again, you are unable to connect with your friends through video calls due to the crashing of the app. Furthermore, while you are trying to start a video/voice call, either, you are not able to see the other person or you may notice that the Chat Window is closing automatically.

There are numerous factors which are responsible for getting you the Skype freezing or crashing trouble.

In order to let your Skype function well, you can first check your internet connection properly both during a call or while you are instant messaging. A poor Wifi signal or a sluggish network may create Skype error. If it happens, you must immediately contact your ISP.

Secondly, update your Windows version as well as the version of your Skype. Otherwise, the incompatibility of their versions may corrupt the Skype application.

Thirdly, if you fix your laptop in a power saving mode, it won’t be able to produce a good internet connection. Therefore, you may disable the power saving mode and close all the applications. Now restart your Skype app again. If you can’t fix the issue or are still getting Skype not responding problem? you may get in touch with us for a quick fix.

Solution For Unresponsive Skype

Solution 1:

Delete Specific Files and Re-launch Skype

  • First, hover your mouse pointer on the Skype app icon and right click on that icon. Here, you will get a pop-up menu and select Quit option to close the running Skype.
  • Now, press Windows +R from keyboard and type %AppData%\skype” and get the folder with the same username.
  • Double click on it to open the content of the folder and delete the chatsync, mmanager, thmanager, and media-messaging respectively.
  • Now, restart your device and re-launch the Skype app from a relevant link.

Solution 2:

Uninstall and Re-install

First, follow the above the process first and delete all the files inside the Skype folder.

Now, choose the Start menu and type “Add/remove programs” and you will get a list of the installed apps.

Thirdly, select the Skype app and tap the Uninstall button.

Finally, re-install the Skype app from a genuine link successfully.

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